Monday, September 26, 2011

Stepping up to the Boogeyman

What fear are you willing to face today? 
(stay tunned at the end for a very special announcement!!)

Since moving to Nova Scotia, there have been a lot of fears that I have had to face. I think the biggest was getting behind the wheel of a car again after 7 years of not driving. AHH!! But I must say, I'm getting better, my nerves were shot though for the first 6-7 drives haha.

 On Sept 16th, a dear friend of mine quoted in a blog " I remembered the advice on my yoga bag to do one thing every day that scares you."  (P.S I highly recommend you check out her blog. She is an incredibly talented artist with a great sense of adventure!)  

On Sept 22, one of my favorite bloggers and Facebook pages, St. John's Mom Blog,(If you are in the St. John's area or just want an interesting read, check her blog) replied to a comment I had made about stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying ZUMBA at Your Place Fitness and Tanning here in town. She had recently stepped outside her comfort zone as well to try martial arts. Which inspired me to start this blog! How's that for an introduction lol?!

Have you ever heard of Opposite Action? It sounds super simple, but it's actually not always as easy to do. The name basically spells it out. You do the opposite action of what you want to do. I stumbled upon Dr. Alice Boyles who has a great blog outlining Opposite Action. Believe me, a lot of times, I just want to run and hide instead of doing the opposite action, even when it comes to 'the little things'. But after practicing the idea of opposite action A LOT this month, I realize how rewarding the feeling of accomplishment feels, and how my self confidence even grew a little. So each time I face something that scares me I try to remember other fears I have overcome, or at least faced hehe and try to move on through the next one. 

I'll be sharing some of these stories as I continue my blog. And I'd LOVE to hear your stories!! Please share them in the comments below. Be proud of yourself and tell the world how awesome you are!!

And now for my super special announcement!! I created a contest on my Facebook page. Followers could submit their idea for the name of my blog. I was so excited to see new and familiar faces playing the game and sharing their creative side! I am happy to announce that full credits for my blog name goes to Beth Nuttall! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Remember to check back to my Facebook page for more more chances to win. 

   ☮ ♥ ㋡
Sadie Jane