Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween all you boils and ghouls!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of them all. It's the one time of year adults can play dress up and it's 100% socially acceptable. Try playing dress up on any other day of the year and I guarantee you will get some odd looks, trust me I know. I embrace my inner child and wild imagination a little too well haha. In recent posts, I mentioned how I wasn't even going to go out this year for Halloween, which is kind of a mega deal. However remember that since my move I am facing all of my 'walls' or challenges and I am trying my best to successfully overcome them. With so many challenges under my belt, this challenge was an easier one to pass on. Especially once Beth's sister in-law got in on the 'hoopla' action. Before I could 'bat' an eyelash (sad pun I know) Beth was even in on the holiday spirit! Yay! This is the result
(Myself, Beth and Kim)
Typically I spend a month or so (ok sometimes I start thinking the day after Halloween hehe) what I'm going to dress up as. Then I spend even more time making my costume. This year, thanks to Threadbanger I was so impressed with Corinne's costume tutorial that I did my own slightly modified version of La Catrina, Day of the Dead. Here's a close up of my hat
You can't really see it..but that bit of black between the pink flowers is a really neat little bird to make up for the lack of vintage ostrich feathers in this town haha. 

Beth also did some modifications of her own. After an incredible dinner at Karen's house (and getting her to dress up too), Beth decided it was time to go 'Trick or Drinking' hehe. Instead of bringing a pillowcase, or those cute Halloween bags/buckets, we all brought empty wine glasses. Karen was the designated driver. It was just too funny. I almost felt like we were mummer's when we arrived at a friends house and her boyfriend spent 10 minutes trying to figure out who we were. haha.

If you or your kids dressed up for Halloween parties over the weekend, or today, I would LOVE to see/hear what creative ideas you came up. I wonder if we'll see any little trick-or-treaters here tonight....

What Holiday Season Is It?!?

I woke up this morning super excited for Halloween..and then I looked out the window and got confused and so's why
The wicked awesome car that Beth let me drive around these past two months is covered in SNOW!!!! I adore this car. I re-learned how to drive a car in it again ( I haven't driven since early Jan 2005). It's the perfect compact size for me, and now this is a sign that my days with it are very limited and I will soon have to say goodbye to it for the winter as it makes it home in winter storage. Then I have to learn how to drive her CRV...eak! (I put a link in, after googling a picture that looks close to her 'model/make' of the CRV. I know very little about cars, so this is just to give you an idea of the difference in cars that I'll be driving).

Alright, I'm off to do some meditating, I feel a little off today (or is that the point, it IS Halloween despite the weather haha). I'll be doing my Halloween blog later today :)

ps: ok it wasn't really that much snow..but still its snow!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day of the Dead

I have no idea what I did, but "Everything's coming up Milhouse" for me these days. I'm certainly not complaining, I'd just like to know so I can do it more often haha.

I could not get to sleep at all last night. I tried making a steamer (boiled milk with vanilla), I put on the music station with spa music, I did some meditating. No dice. Finally around 3:30ish, the sandman finally dropped by and off to sleep I went. Next think I know it, Beth is off to run with a client and I'm snuggled up in her bed with Owen (who's very sick little man).That was at 5:30. I may have gotten 20 minutes sleep with him, but basically I've been up since then. I'm now making my costume while layers of paint dries on canvas, making dinner, blogging to make sure I don't sit still for more than a few minutes. I may crash. There is too much to be done to fall asleep yet!

Alright, so not the best start to my day but after that things really were coming up Milhouse. I went to a second hand store with two costume ideas in mind. I decided last night that I will go out for Halloween. I have to be honest I wasn't really liking the idea of not being home for Mardi Gras to play dress up and go out on the town with my friends. Anyone who knows anything about Newfoundland knows you must experience Mardi Gras on George Street. Then I remembered a photo my friend Terri posted on Facebook...
So on a mission I searched the bins for something that might work and right away, the first store, the first place I looked, a hat that was PERFECT for my costume, then the rest of the pieces of the costume just came together. So I won't reveal the costume until Halloween but I will give you this hint, here is a photo of all the pieces (minus my shoes haha). Can you guess what/who I'm going to be?

Well time for me to resume to my creation spree! Have a safe and spooky weekend everyone!

I am a MEGA Simpsons fan, and tend to make a ridiculous amount of Simpson's references.. here's a YouTube video of the clip where Milhouse quotes this, you kinda have to get the whole character voice, and understand he's a bit of a nerd bird.

Look who dropped by for a visit today! Jasmine!! She was all purrs when I pulled out the can of Tuna :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day in the Spidey Cave

The creative juices are unstoppable right now. I think they're taking over me! I love it!

I just spent the last 7 hours down in the Spidey Cave painting non-stop. I completed a mini series I started a little while back. I'm still not sure how I feel about them. The concept has a lot of meaning to me while the final result isn't what I'm used to painting so it's a bit strange for me to look at. Regardless, I enjoyed the process of painting. I also have started in on a second painting for my new collection. I'm really excited about this one. Playing with molding paste is always fun!! But now I have to wait for it to dry before I can move on..patience is a virtue I do not possess. I decided to take the rest of the evening off instead of diving into a new painting. I have an early rise tomorrow and it's very easy to get lost in time down there. I want to make sure i get enough sleep. 

I wonder if this is a sign that I'm giving myself permission to settle in. I've felt like an uprooted tree since moving here. All of my belongings, my family, my friends are back home and I just plucked myself out of it and moved here. Painting is a very raw and personal process I go through. I guess you could say it's a different kind of journal for me. I'm starting to think with recent developments in my life and a little bit of radical acceptance I might just be allowing myself to plant my roots here. That doesn't change how I feel about wanting to live in Newfoundland ( Nova Scotia is just grand, but there's no place like home, especially for an islander) but it sure does make it easier, and in some odd way, is very liberating. I felt so free today. I want to hold on to that feeling. in, time for some nachos and Coronation Street. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worthy of a Happy Dance

*dances around Spidey Cave*

Ahhh!! Now THAT felt good!!

So I'm down here in the Spidey Cave completely lost in a world of colour and chaos. The creative bug bite me today and it feels so good to be back at the paints again. So I'm taking a break and I sign into my blog to check and see what other blogs I'm following are saying today, and I spied with my little eye that I started blogging a month ago today! I think I sat up a little taller in that moment..that's some serious dedication. I'm terrible for being a firecracker when something starts and then quickly turning into a total flop. That's terrible that I just admitted that to the entire world....however...YAY me! I'm changing this through my blog, and a few other things since moving. Totally deserving of a happy dance don't you think?

And the Exciting Train doesn't stop here folks. All aboard the exciting train! I sold a painting the first day of the art show! Holy crap. I was not in a million years expecting that. I nearly fell through the floor when the moment of 'yes this is really happening' occurred. Mega exciting! (see a theme here hehe). And now I'm down here in the cave painting away  at a new collection I just started. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this collection takes me, it's always an adventure.

Continuing on with awesome news, Beth and I just finished creating a Facebook page for Your Place, the gym she owns and operates. Thank you to all the good sports who let me take their photos while they were working out!! To the ladies in EZ-Step and Pilates with Beth today, I will hopefully have them all edited and at the gym waiting for you to see tomorrow, and over the next few days.

Ok, I saved the best for last. This one is going to knock the socks right clean off ya! Yesterday, though filled with fabulous news, was also a personally challenging day for me. I have been weighing out the pros and cons of a very serious decision for a few weeks now. It sucked. Honestly. No matter which option I went with, I would be loosing something of great importance. I think I made the right one, because it is the hardest, and well...'you know what they say'. So as I sat rocking Owen in the chair by the fireplace (he's sick, and it was a great opportunity to snuggle the little tater tot), Beth and I were talking about the decision I made and ...are you ready for this? She is going home next week for a business trip and she offered to bring one of my cats back if it would help me any. *this is where my heart melted and I had to try to not cry uncontrollably like the crazy cat lady for being so happy..keep it cool* Ok...seriously how incredibly amazing and thoughtful is that?

I have three cats.

So you must be wondering how did I make my decision?

Well, I chose Zephyr. I was talking to Beth and when I started to talk about Zephyr the tears just came a flooding. He has diabetes and we don't know how old he is. I took him into my home in 2009 thanks to the generous help of my friends who donated money to cover the majority of the vet expenses becuase my heart is wayy bigger than my wallet. So the thought of anything happening to him while I'm away and not being there with him just about kills me. I think that's just about the point where she offered to let me have a cat here swear that was not my intention at all. Scouts honour! For those of you who know me any bit at all are probably shocked I never said Demetri without hesitation. He's my baby, he was my first cat, and he's my b'y. I should never pick favorites...but you know...Anderson Cooper had a show about that the other day, that parents actually do pick favorites..or 'tend to lean towards one child more than the other(s)'. and that's all I'm saying about that. haha. And of course I could never pry Shemar from his daddy even if I tried! So Zephyr it is. And I cannot wait to sook the face right clean off that handsome little man.

(left-right) Zephyr, Shemar, Demetri

So yeah..that's what I gotta say today. Hope you all experienced a moment where you felt this kinda happy today,and if it was a mega poopy day then try to create yourself a happy one tomorrow!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Childhood Dream Comes True

Remember as a child being asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
What was your first answer?
Mine was an artist. It slowly changed to psychologist, then focused on child psychiatrist, then broadened to art therapist (for any age), and now I went full circle back to my first answer. I just want to be an artist. I want to share the gift of creating through teaching art, and through sharing my paintings with others as they find their ways onto the walls of people's nests.

Today marks a huge celebration for my career as an artist. Today is day one of my first art show ever!!! I was originally booked for the end of February through til April (which the owner of The Sprout confirmed I still have this slot available!! YAY!!!). However the artist who had this current slot booked had to cancel and Julia came in contact with myself and Dominique. And here it is, a show with myself, Dominique Hurley and Lori Reddy. Thank you universe for giving me this opportunity and gift! I was in need of a sense of personal achievement and direction when it comes to my art. Who knows what the outcome of this show will be like in regards to sales, but I'm just excited to have the exposure. Knowing how many people pass through the doors of The Sprout and will be seeing my work there on the walls! Oh someone pinch me now, I think I must be dreaming still! If it weren't for the pictures Dominique posted I still think I would be in disbelief. Here are the photos of my work that Dominique captured for me to help me feel part of this show.

All of my pieces can be found on my Facebook page and my website for a closer viewing if you do not live near The Sprout. If you do live in the area, please pop by for some incredibly yummy vegetarian food and check out all the art work! 

The Sprout - 364 Duckworth St., St. John's Newfoundland
(709) 579-5485 
October 25 - November 28th 2011 (closed Mondays)

Here is the link for the rest of the pictures Dominique took this morning. 

Dreams really can come true. And it's so exciting to see and experience first hand, especially a childhood dream. I have no idea where this will take me, or how this turn out, I just know that today I am happy and today this is real! What a fabulous way to practice living in the moment!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So. Tired. Need. Sleep.

I am pooped!!!

I'm just settling down at the homestead after a weekend trip to Moncton. Beth participated in the  'Legs for Literacy' marathon in Moncton. She has been training for this half marathon for a long time now ( a full 21.1K and placed 6th in her division with 34 other people!!). How amazing is she?! Owen (her grandson), Kayla (Owen's mom) and I waited at the finish line cheering her on. So proud to see her accomplish this goal.

Well her legs may be sore from running all that ways, but let me tell you, I'm still feeling the pain from last night in my legs. While poking around a mall in Moncton, we strolled into a store where Kayla fell in love with a dress. For fun Beth said she should try it on. It fit her like a glove and she looked simply stunning in it! The next thing I know, Beth has me in the change room putting on a dress and heels that made me feel like Tyra Banks herself haha. Never in my life would you catch me in a dress or heels like this. Well Beth swooped up the clothes and shoes, rang them in and decided Kayla and I needed a night out on the town. How fabulous is she? A quick stop at Shoppers ended up with me getting my makeup done for free for the night (BONUS!) and though the two of us could barely walk (thank goodness I brought my flats with me in my purse) we had  a grand time. Kayla and I finally got to hang out and get to know each other. We danced like no tomorrow and never stopped laughing and smiling the whole time. It was wonderful. My circle of friends grows more :)

Friday night, Beth took me to a show by a local (and brilliant) playwrite, Mark Raddin. Well my god, I never roared so hard at a play, and I've been to my share. It was called Stagette. They sold out their first night and had to book another three shows based on popular demand! Hats off to 'Amherst Comedy Troupe' who can be found on Facebook as a group (not sure how to link them, sorry)

I finally completed my first painting here! Not sure if I have blogged about that yet or not. Picture will follow soon. Sadly the 'crackle paste' medium I used for one particular area did not crackle/dry as I had expected. I guess the Spidey Cave is too damp. So I'm hoping to adjust this and try again if not I have an idea to replace Plan A haha. It felt so liberating.

Tomorrow morning is an early one for Dominique, Lori and my boyfriend Craig will be setting up the art show at 'The Sprout' restaurant back home. Oh how my heart aches that I cann't be there to help, and soak in the experience of my first show ever. Lori (who I haven't met yet) was a darling and wrote to me in e-mail
We will cover you Sadie as best we can and you will be present through your art and spirit. 
What a sweetheart. I hope it goes well. So if you live in Newfoundland and will be in the St. John's area between tomorrow and November 24 I encourage you to pop by 'The Sprout' for a yummy bite to eat and check out the art work. Feel free to buy them too!! hehe.

So this past week I overcame many challenges. I learned how to let go of control when it came to this art show.I overcame my fear of dresses and makeup and once I gave myself permission to wear these items, I was able to be more comfortable (ok minus the shoe part...blisters and bandaids to prove it!! lol) and had a blast with a new friend. (I knew Kayla before tonight but we rarely spoke, or had opportunity to hang out and get to know each other). I can feel myself becoming stronger, I can feel myself growing as a person. And the best part is, another month is almost done. Which hopefully means I'm a month closer to seeing my little family again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's All Working Out

I just curled up by the fireplace with my laptop and the rain decided to stop. I'm slightly disappointed. I was looking forward to blogging with a cuppa tea, the warm cozy glow of the fire and the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window. However that does mean I can do laundry and put it out on the line. I see the sun brightly coming through the clouds. Which is perfect timing. Last night, as part of the 'Taste of Home' theme, we went to Beth's mom's for dinner. On the menu was scrunchions n cod fish with all the finixin's, white gravy too! Its a favortie of Beths. In all honesty, even though its a classic back home, I never had it before (weird I know, I swear I'm from Newfoundland!) but sure enough it turns out I like it. Though I did have to go get seconds on the prime rib part of the cooked dinner. That was just divine.

Well my nerves are gone today worried about the upcoming art show. I think I have met my most challenging theme So far in m blogs (for all my new readers, this relates back to my 'Stepping up to the Boogeyman' post. Trusting the process...which really is just a sweet way of saying giving up the need to control haha). My first art show is coming up at The Sprout and I have to trust the process (give up control bahhh!!!).  However, my friend Dominique and I have been talking through e-mail back and forth all morning about the show. She and her friend Lori will also be displaying their work. Dominique and I met in June. Her story begins here with how she arrived in Newfoundland. She first connected with me through a Kijiji Ad I had posted about an art class I was teaching. We connected with our mutual interest in this particular class and agreed to connect when she arrived. Today through email I was telling Dominique how I was feeling stressed and anxious about not being home to be hands on with this show. The what ifs, the if onlys, and so on. And she responded to me with something I just have to share, because the truth rang out so loudly to me I could feel myself being blown back and thinking Wow! You're right!'. I couldn't help but feel proud of us. Her response;
We had envisioned a group show at some coffee place - the universe has made it possible to partner even if you're away. Love it. You and I manifested this..... It's all working out. - Dominique
She couldn't be more true. We had spent an entire day walking from one end of the main downtown area in St. Johns to the other where we could potentially find a coffee shop, gallery, tourist shop that we could display our work for sale. Something we may have never done solo. The commitment we made together made it easier to go out and just finally do it! Dominique was able to attend workshops, and together we supported each other's goal to establish ourselves as artists in St. John's. It was so wonderful to both be at the bottom of this chain and ensure no level of competition or negative hidden agendas were present at all. We truly wanted to see each other thrive in this city as artists, and respected the dream, the passion, the sense of being it brings us to be an artist. You're right Dominique, WE DID IT! Now I just have to trust the process that the people I have asked to help me set up the show will do it the way I would like (not one bit particular for a newbie hey b'y! haha).

I think this will be the biggest theme for this weeks challenge life is throwing at me. On a very personal level I am facing some pretty big giant walls that I have to decide if I am willing to keep standing behind, find a way through, over or around, or put the control of that wall in the hands of someone else. Bottom line is I have to make decisions, BIG MEGA GIANT decisions that requires adult pants and then trust that I may have been able to control the final decision making, but the rest of the process will have lots of elements that I can't control and that it's OK!. (my mind is screaming no it's not right now, but I have to say the opposite to get me will be ok!). \

It's all working out, just at its own pace. I must learn to grow more patience and be ok with that.

So today I decided to dedicate to preparing myself for a week of feeling uncomfortable. I cleaned my room and trying to change a few details to change the energy flow, about to start laundry (so many distractions since I started this blog hours ago..the sun is finally out completely and ready for a line of freshly washed clothes) do some reading and get my things together for meetings tomorrow. Prepare as much as I can for my paintings on this end before mailing out the 'directions' and hoping for the best.

I also feel super tired today....I think I may have to call it an early night just to fully recharge.

Take time to enjoy this fall day everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taste of Home

In my last blog I said I would have some exciting news regarding a very popular restaurant back in Newfoundland. Well it's taken me a few days to be able to sit down and write a blog, I'm telling you I'm really starting to believe I live in a tornado! I'm not used to this at all. Somewhere amid all this chaos and change of routine I know my true self is lingering, awaiting it's opportunity to come out and shine again. I'm still learning how to find the balance between settling into this new life and permitting myself to stay true to myself as well.

Ok so the anticipated wait is over and here comes the good news! I recieved an e-mail last week from the owner of The Sprout, a vegetarian restaurant located on Duckworth Street, St. John's Newfoundland.  You can find them on Facebook under The Sprout Restaurant. I booked an art show there for the end of February- April . Luckily just before the hustle and bustle of Christmas begins, I have a window of opportunity to showcase my work there along side photographers and maybe even my friend Dominique will have some work to showcase as well. I'm so excited!!!!

So if you live in the area, or will be visiting St. John's in the next couple of weeks, a few select pieces of my work will be hanging on the walls at The Sprout. It's so hard to organize a show when you're a province away, especially my first show. But it's an opportunity I refuse to miss. So from October 24 until November 28 you will be able to enjoy some fabulous food and see my work at The Sprout! WEEE!!!! I wish I was home to have more input with it all, but I trust the hands that I am leaving this all in and I'm sure it will be exciting. I'll have to make sure someone takes pictures. It still hasn't sunk into my mind yet that my work will be hanging in such a well known place. This is a huge mile stone in my creative journey. I would love to be home to soak up just a moment of it. See it, live it, breathe it.

So this weekend Beth made sure our adventures reflected the atmosphere of back home for me. Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate the time she takes and thought she puts into our weekend getaways. Saturday Beth's mom joined us along side with our little tater tot Owen as we piled into the car and headed to  Advocate. Appreciating my love for photography (it's not something to write home about but I love it as a hobby) Beth gave me permission to ask her to pull over at any point on our drive if I saw something I felt the need to capture. Luckily we both wanted to make the same stops so it worked out grand. Here are some photos of the scenery on our way to Advocate.

It wasn't long before we arrived at Driftwood Beach in Advocate. It was truly the first time I felt at home since moving here. The roar of the waves was so amazing here. It just made it more clear to to me that I am an island girl and belong by the ocean. I felt so alive, so unstoppable, so free in this moment: 

Of course I could have spent hours combing the beach, but the winds were very high and with a 19 month old  in company it's important to keep him warm, safe and happy. We headed towards our next destination, Cape D'or. What a place to be! I turned to my left to see this incredible view, that reminded me of Bell Island. There is a beach on Newfoundland where I have visited many times to find inner peace, clear my mind, etc, and the view was very similar to this one below:

 Again, another fabulous place that made me feel connected to my home again. It's unreal the immense amount of homesickness I feel. Lately with all this sight seeing we've been soaking up, it makes me miss the 'Pirate Adventures' my friend Kim and I went on, or the drives my friend Terri and I took. I will forever cherish those trips.

Ok so this is all my life, I've seen crossing signs for ducks, moose, deer, students, etc but I have never seen one like this:

DINOSAUR crossing?!?! It's actually for Joggin's Fossil Center, but it was pretty funny to see when you're not expecting it. We stopped into Parrsboro for some dinner then headed home.

Well that's it for today's blog. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday evening for what's left of it. Soak up the down time before the chaos of Monday sweeps you away and into the blur of another week.

Talk soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Call Me Patches

I woke up this morning to the sound of a text message coming in. I knew it was my morning love note from my darling who is still living back in Newfoundland. Sadly, I couldn't read his msg this particular morning. My fingers traced a path on the creamy sheets until they felt the familiar touch of the phone. Pulling it out from under the pillow, I attempted to start my day like any other day; reading my love text first. This morning though, my eyes could barely open. Just long enough to see that it was 8:27 and it was indeed my Mister Man txting me. That's all these two green eyes would allow me to see before they quickly shut like two heavy steel doors. I knew that IT was back. Accepting that today would be a "Please let me hide from the world I look like Shrek" day, I remained in my nest and drifted in and out of sleep while I waited for the swelling in my eyes to go down enough for me to actually be able to open them. This happened around 11. If I could I would have relished in the ability to sleep in this late, but that' not the life I live right now. My morning has to start hours earlier.

I dreaded going to the bathroom where I would meet my face in the mirror and see just how bad it was. My eyes were swollen past the point of being level with the rest of my face. My lips looked like I just took a shopvac off them. I could post a picture but you may never return to read my blog again haha. I was a state needless to say. I was hoping to spend the day at the gym helping Beth out, making her day as easy as possible and instead I spent a few hours in the hospital waiting to be seen. The nurses and doctors clearly read my intake chart before seeing me, their reaction was..well blunt "MY! You really do have swollen eyes and lips" ...I felt like saying "No b'y, I decided to dip into some halloween makeup and test your medical credentials, nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon in my life".. I realized that may have sounded more harsh, so I just nodded and said I've 'seen' better days". So it's deja vu again with the medications, I hope it works. The weekend is quickly approaching which means more adventures are coming and I want to get out and enjoy them.  Till then, I am only showing my pre-halloween face when absolutely needed.  I'm just so upset that no one knows why my face decided to get out of control. It looks like i have two red patches around my eyes and then one around my mouth, like a clown or a little kid trying on  mommy's makeup haha.

OK! Rant about my face is over! Want to hear something neat? I was walking upstairs today to get something from my room, when I noticed a ladybug on the windowsill. So I paused and took a moment to enjoy her company. Tried my best to capture a photo with my camera, but no such luck..thanks lady bug! It was still a lovely surprise. I hope she brought some luck with her visit.

Speaking of luck....

Stay tunned for my next blog for some very very very exciting news!!! I'll leave you with a hint:
Today I received an email from one of THE must go-to restaurants back home in NL. Everyone talks about this place, all the cool cats eat there, and in my next blog you will find out why the owner emailed me!! (How freaking exciting!?!?!)

Goodnight everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm juggling the odds of time right now to be able to post this before Thanksgiving is over. The days between my last post and now have been a complete blur to me. Filled with excitement, adventures, more food than I've ever seen in my life, and every other important ingredient required to create incredible memories.

Friday night I went start gazing at Fort Beauséjour with two new friends of mine. They went above and beyond explaining to me the history of this place, and reenacting the stories their tour guide had told them when they toured the place. The air was frigid and the winds howled as we made our way through the small dark tunnels with only a small flashlight to guide us through. Imaginations went wild as we tried to recreate in our minds what it must have been like for the people who stood in the exact same spot we were standing 250 years ago. When my personalized tour came to an end, we set up our blankies and telescope and watched in awe at the beauty above us. The most spectacular moment being the moment I saw a shooting star! 

Saturday started bright and early as Beth, my little nephew and another new friend, Fran headed to Wentworth Ski for their 'Fall Festival of Colours'. After hitting up a few flea markets along the way, we finally arrived at the ski resort where we met up with another familiar face, Karen.

This little man (who just turned 19 months old the day this picture was taken) outdid himself and impressed the socks right clean off us all with how much walking he did and how much he loved every second of it. A true adventurer in every sense. Here are some more pictures from the hike.
The view from the top of the mountain

'Littlest Hobo - carrying Owen's suitcase, while hiking, and trying to txt my bf...only here I'm pretending to make a phone call. Other hikers must have thought I was a lost city girl'

Fall in action

Yesterday Karen, Beth and I adventured to the Bouctouche sand dunes in New Brunswick. What a difference in the weather. Last week we had snow on Thursday, I was bundled up with layers of clothes for Friday's adventures and here on Sunday I rolled up my jeans and walked barefoot in the sand as I splashed my toes in the ocean. That's something to be thankful for! I took my time strolling the beach. Opening my senses to the wonders around me. Soaking up every moment as I gave myself permission to live in the present. It's a destination that will remain close in my heart and hopefully as I gain more driving experience I will be able to return on my own in future. On the way home we stopped into Cold Stone for my first 'ultimate ice-cream experience'. Let me tell you, it was out of this world yummy! 
Here are some pictures from our adventure:
October 9  and it's 25 degrees out and I'm splashing in the ocean. Life is large!

More Fall colours

HELP! hehe

A moment of peace
Beth and I returned to the nest and had Thanksgiving dinner for two. Everything was beyond delicious and prepared perfectly. I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I've been given endless opportunities for self discovery and personal growth. I have been blessed with the most precious family and friends who fill my world with sunshine even on the most darkest of days. My heart drips with the most immense amounts of love for each and every one of them. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. And a very special thank you from the bottom of my heart for popping by my blog for a read :)


Friday, October 7, 2011

How Sadie Got Her Paint Back

Ok the title of this blog isn't that creative seeing how I used it in my status on my Facebook Page yesterday, but it just works so well, so I'm sticking with it. I guess it also was better suited for last night's blog, however this blog is about how I started painting, not the events leading up to it haha...see the cloud of energy? Oh Linus!! haha

I only started painting in 2004. Previous to that I was more into the fine detail of drawing of still life, exploring the world of raw clay, paper mache, wire art, basically anything and everything that didn't involve a paint brush. I was worried that I wouldn't have the precision with the brush that I had gained with a pencil or charcoal etc. Plus a blank canvas can been far more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper. I swear I don't live my entire life in fear and worry, though it seems like it. maybe I have to admit I am a bit of a worry rat. When I finally gave myself permission to explore this world I had been envying for so long, it was one of the most liberating things I had done for myself. Especially in regards to self expression and being able to self identify myself with a passion so strong.

Well last night I headed down to the Spidey Cave, and set up camp. It took me an hour and 15 minutes just to prepare myself. Between setting up the colours I wanted, picking a canvas, turning the space heaters on so I didn't turn into a Sadie-freezie, trying to find a music play list. All my music is still back in Newfoundland on my dinosaur computer (most people refer to this as a desktop computer with a tower however I feel it belongs in the dinosaur category lol). It's weird being out of your comfort zone and try to recreate it without all the 'necessities' BUT I managed to do it!! The paint started flowing through my finger tips, literally. I finger paint a lot in just about every painting I do. I couldn't stop. I was smiling, singing along to a YouTube playlist I created of Jack Johnson  (oh how I love him!) and just completely in my own little world. So refreshing to be back in that happy place. 3 hours had passed and I still wanted to keep going. I felt so alive! Sadly with a long day ahead of me I had to call it quits and go to bed. Im hoping tomorrow to get back down there.

Today I called Dorthy back. She really is real! haha. Right away she said "I know who this is, Miss Sadie!" and that was that! I feel there will be many cups of teas drank and conservations shared between us. I relayed some information to her that I wanted to share and set a time to meet up again.

Tonight, I'm heading out with some new friends to star gaze (with oodles of blankies to keep us warm and maybe even some hot chocolate). She and her boyfriend know of a great spot where there are no city lights polluting the air so you can see every star, and she has a telescope! So much fun. I'm also skyping a dear friend of mine shortly. Busy busy!

So before I leave you to enjoy this wonderful Friday evening, I want to ask you, what makes you feel alive? Something that when you are involved in it, nothing else exists but pure bliss and a rush of happy feelings? I guess by now you know with me it's painting and connecting with nature (oh and I'm getting into photography which is great too). I'd love to hear what makes your heart soar!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clearing the Energy

Ever feel like no matter what you do, where you go, there is a whirlwind of chaotic energy following you around? Maybe it's just me. I hope it's not just me. Sometimes I feel like I must look like Linus to outsiders. Not in the fact I have a cloud of dust and dirt following me around, but that my thoughts and energy are so erratic that it must appear this way. 

That's how I have felt the past two days. Yesterday the energy following me around was so negative and filled with so much pain and sorrow, it was as though I could feel my heart being shattered into millions of pieces. I feared all the superglue in the world wouldn't put them back into place. I knew that even with all this pain and disappointment there was no sense in dwelling in it and allowing it to consume me. So after giving myself permission to 'bawl my eyes out', I put on my 'big girl pants' and came up with an action plan for today. I 
decided I would treat myself to a little shopping spree in hopes that spending money on materialistic things would make me feel momentarily better. Turns out life had a hidden agenda for me...

The day started with me snuggled up by the fireplace debating if I really was ready to head out into this awful cold weather we've been having. Then what at first looked like rain, quickly formed into big giant wet snowflakes!! In OCTOBER?! Are you kidding me Mother Nature? Well, my main theme in my blogs is over coming challenges. So up the stairs I went got a super hot shower to warm me up, bundled up and headed out into the winter not-so-wonderful-land. First stop - the gas station! My second time pumping gas, and it felt as natural as brushing my teeth daily. Funny now thinking back at how scared I was and how much I allowed myself to get so worked up over something like that. With a few other little detours, I soon hit up the local thrift stores. I love shopping sprees there. I can buy more for less (who doesn't love that?) all while being green and recycling clothes. The best part too is you never know what treasures you will find in a thrift store that aren't "in style" right now at the mall but fit your personal style to a T. Bonus for me!

I headed to the next store, where I found this gem for only a dollar!

Now my camera isn't working to upload a picture of the actual little statue, but this is very similar to the one I have, only far more detailed in the textiles. It is named Abhaya Mudra and is the Gesture of Fearlessness. Well how perfect is that for me right now? I knew if anything I was meant to come into this store to find this statue. Turns out that wasn't my only calling. The owner of the store, Dorthy, and I struck up a conversation over the statue and before you knew it 2 hours had past and our conversation had done anything but reach a lull. The connection was so strong and so quick that we both knew life wanted us to meet today. So as I learned to let go of a person and negative energy yesterday (I've been putting all my thoughts and energy into the idea that my family would be joining me here in December, but reality check says it will be at a much later time. When, we still do not know. Oh that makes me sad) but by clearing the energy that I've been putting into moving them here, I finally started allowing new people to enter my life. I wasn't opening up myself for different opportunities before today. I guess my heart to heart last night, and my change of focus today lead me to Dorthy. I am beyond excited, and she is as well. I just hope when I ring her tomorrow she actually exists! We kept laughing at each other, she would make a statement and I would say "NO! That's me!" or vise versa making the whole encounter that much more surreal. She told me she feels as though meeting me is like meeting herself when she was my age. As we spoke, I told her how I am finally starting to feel the paint coming to my hands again. Turns out many moons ago, she was a painter as well. So here I go, I'm changing into my painting clothes, I have the space heaters on bust and I'm getting messy with my paints!

Hope you all had a fabulous day. You really have no idea what's waiting for you until you clear the energy and put yourself out there!

Got Something To Say?

I have been blessed with the gift the gab. I open my mouth and the words don't stop coming out. Or when it comes to the virtual world, my fingers hit the keyboard and before I know it, there are more words on the screen (and this happens in e-mails, facebook, blogs, txt messages, etc) than there are in the world's longest book.

The weird thing is, I'm discovering that a lot of people are reading what I have to say! Yay! Thank you so much! But the sad part is....I'm getting feedback from people saying they are unable to leave comments still, or have subscribed to my blog via email and responded, and I still see nothing on this end :(. I want to hear what your heart has to say too. 

I've toured through the site and still can't figure out my glitch. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to email me at

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

While Visions of Paintings Danced in My Head

It was a cold and dreary day here in the small, quaint town of Amherst. The kind of days where even if you sat on top of the fire there was no warming up your bones. I even threw myself in a tanning bed in hopes that would do something. No dice. I did however learn that I can drive in the rain. So that's a plus I guess? Take that daily challenge. haha. Actually my daily challenge was FAR more intense than that however rumor has it that a girl needs to  keep some level of mystery so I'm going to stick with that theory. 

I spent some of my day using familiar tools in a not so familiar way. I had my "palette knife" and my "plaster" and my "canvas" only instead of creating art, I filled holes and cracks in the walls of some rooms that need some TLC, before a fresh coat of paint can be splashed (ok not splashed, more so painted with precision). Pretty soon there will be office space available above the gym for some luckily local business to flourish in. I decided to volunteer some spare time and help breathe life back into the rooms. Imagine if all that wall space could be turned into paintings and not just one colour..ohh my!

I think the movement of plaster on the wall awakened my inner need to paint. Since moving here a month and 17 days ago (but I don't see anyone counting haha), I have been unable to put anything on canvas. Despite the help from Beth in transforming a section of her basement into a Spidey Cave,  the big shopping spree to stock up on canvas, paints, and brushes. Nothing was bringing my visions of paintings through my hand, and the brush and onto the canvas. Now for me, that's beyond the valley of frustrating. Why is it that even after creating a space just for me and my paints to play in the magic isn't happening? I even took the time to smudge the space. Still nothing. I'm not a fan of forcing paintings out of myself. I know that when they come naturally, I feel more rewarded in the therapeutic process it offers me. But for the love of Aquaman please let me paint something soon, even if it's a stick man!! Something has been blocking my creativity and I have a funny feeling it's the one thing I rely on to paint with. My emotions. I had some personal challenges to overcome today. I validated the feelings in my heart and gave my heart a voice to express itself. In turn, it thanked me by giving me new ideas of paintings, and even a strong itch to start.

I guess that's another lesson learned today. By taking time to listen to my heart and express the emotions I have bottled up over the past few weeks, I was able to release the toxic energy that was building up and hopefully made room for creative energy. I'd head down to the cave now to paint, but honestly, this nest of blankies I've wormed my way into is far too cozy and warm to leave for a basement right now. Hopefully a good nights sleep will be the icing on the cake and tomorrow I'll be covered from head to toe in paints! Maybe some will even make it on canvas!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Driving Behind Myself

Ever get stuck behind the turtle driver? You know who I'm talking about. The driver who is afraid to use their gas pedal. The driver who potentially super glued their foot to the breaks? Well for the past month I've been part of that special drivers club. And a few days ago, I got to experience what it's like to drive behind myself...

I must proudly admit, I'm getting a better handle on driving. I no longer look like a 25 year old granny with the seat pulled up so far the steering wheel became an extension of my legs. My shoulders are no longer bunched up to my ears like my laundry pile. haha. Since my last post, I've realized that 50kph isn't that fast after all. At least compared to 80kph when I was lost trying to find the hospital and ended up in Fenwick. Nope, 50 is not that bad at all. Since my last blog I even pumped gas!! (Ok small potatoes for some people, but this is probably  at the top of last week's challenge list for myself. I've been stressing over it for about 3 weeks now? Turns out it wasn't that big of a deal as my over active imagination lead me to believe. Yay for me!!)

And then, the day arrived. On my way home, I turned the corner and started driving behind myself. Well, actually this driver was worse than me. I like to stick to the speed limit. It's what the sign tells you to do and puts me on the good side of any police hoping to meet their ticket quota haha. But seriously...20KPH?! in a 50 zone? You're killing me b'ys! Each street that approached I crossed my fingers they would turn...nothing. Finally after what felt like a lifetime (or 3 agonizing minutes in the real world), they made their turn and I was able to get back up to my comfort speed. I'll have to cram in all the driving I can before the car gets put away for the winter (it's a sexy little convertible, not really the best car for Canadian winters). Thank goodness Santa let me in on a little secret, I'm getting a new winter jacket and winter boots to keep me warm as I trudge through the weather. 

So I also made two new friends this week! Felix and Fiona. One is a little camera shy, but they make great company while I'm down in my 'Spidey Cave" (my make shift art studio). This beautiful little creature is Fiona. At least I hope she's Fiona, unless she's a boy, then it's Felix..haha


Well I've been on many other adventures this past week including a trip to Crystal Palace in Moncton with my little tater tot nephew and a local farm where he made friends with a baby donkey (it was too cute for words, it's like the donkey knew they were both babies). I've challenged myself time and time again, which is why this blog is a little late being posted. I had to take some time to self nurture and slow down the pace a little bit. Life is all about balance and I sure have felt the incredible lack of balance since my move. But it's also been an incredible rush of new sights, experiences and growth. 

And so I will leave you with a giant thank you from the bottom of my heart for popping by my blog, and a quote that spoke to me this past week;

Insist on yourself. Never imitate.
Ralph Waldo Emerson