Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taste of Home

In my last blog I said I would have some exciting news regarding a very popular restaurant back in Newfoundland. Well it's taken me a few days to be able to sit down and write a blog, I'm telling you I'm really starting to believe I live in a tornado! I'm not used to this at all. Somewhere amid all this chaos and change of routine I know my true self is lingering, awaiting it's opportunity to come out and shine again. I'm still learning how to find the balance between settling into this new life and permitting myself to stay true to myself as well.

Ok so the anticipated wait is over and here comes the good news! I recieved an e-mail last week from the owner of The Sprout, a vegetarian restaurant located on Duckworth Street, St. John's Newfoundland.  You can find them on Facebook under The Sprout Restaurant. I booked an art show there for the end of February- April . Luckily just before the hustle and bustle of Christmas begins, I have a window of opportunity to showcase my work there along side photographers and maybe even my friend Dominique will have some work to showcase as well. I'm so excited!!!!

So if you live in the area, or will be visiting St. John's in the next couple of weeks, a few select pieces of my work will be hanging on the walls at The Sprout. It's so hard to organize a show when you're a province away, especially my first show. But it's an opportunity I refuse to miss. So from October 24 until November 28 you will be able to enjoy some fabulous food and see my work at The Sprout! WEEE!!!! I wish I was home to have more input with it all, but I trust the hands that I am leaving this all in and I'm sure it will be exciting. I'll have to make sure someone takes pictures. It still hasn't sunk into my mind yet that my work will be hanging in such a well known place. This is a huge mile stone in my creative journey. I would love to be home to soak up just a moment of it. See it, live it, breathe it.

So this weekend Beth made sure our adventures reflected the atmosphere of back home for me. Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate the time she takes and thought she puts into our weekend getaways. Saturday Beth's mom joined us along side with our little tater tot Owen as we piled into the car and headed to  Advocate. Appreciating my love for photography (it's not something to write home about but I love it as a hobby) Beth gave me permission to ask her to pull over at any point on our drive if I saw something I felt the need to capture. Luckily we both wanted to make the same stops so it worked out grand. Here are some photos of the scenery on our way to Advocate.

It wasn't long before we arrived at Driftwood Beach in Advocate. It was truly the first time I felt at home since moving here. The roar of the waves was so amazing here. It just made it more clear to to me that I am an island girl and belong by the ocean. I felt so alive, so unstoppable, so free in this moment: 

Of course I could have spent hours combing the beach, but the winds were very high and with a 19 month old  in company it's important to keep him warm, safe and happy. We headed towards our next destination, Cape D'or. What a place to be! I turned to my left to see this incredible view, that reminded me of Bell Island. There is a beach on Newfoundland where I have visited many times to find inner peace, clear my mind, etc, and the view was very similar to this one below:

 Again, another fabulous place that made me feel connected to my home again. It's unreal the immense amount of homesickness I feel. Lately with all this sight seeing we've been soaking up, it makes me miss the 'Pirate Adventures' my friend Kim and I went on, or the drives my friend Terri and I took. I will forever cherish those trips.

Ok so this is all my life, I've seen crossing signs for ducks, moose, deer, students, etc but I have never seen one like this:

DINOSAUR crossing?!?! It's actually for Joggin's Fossil Center, but it was pretty funny to see when you're not expecting it. We stopped into Parrsboro for some dinner then headed home.

Well that's it for today's blog. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday evening for what's left of it. Soak up the down time before the chaos of Monday sweeps you away and into the blur of another week.

Talk soon!

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