Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Call Me Patches

I woke up this morning to the sound of a text message coming in. I knew it was my morning love note from my darling who is still living back in Newfoundland. Sadly, I couldn't read his msg this particular morning. My fingers traced a path on the creamy sheets until they felt the familiar touch of the phone. Pulling it out from under the pillow, I attempted to start my day like any other day; reading my love text first. This morning though, my eyes could barely open. Just long enough to see that it was 8:27 and it was indeed my Mister Man txting me. That's all these two green eyes would allow me to see before they quickly shut like two heavy steel doors. I knew that IT was back. Accepting that today would be a "Please let me hide from the world I look like Shrek" day, I remained in my nest and drifted in and out of sleep while I waited for the swelling in my eyes to go down enough for me to actually be able to open them. This happened around 11. If I could I would have relished in the ability to sleep in this late, but that' not the life I live right now. My morning has to start hours earlier.

I dreaded going to the bathroom where I would meet my face in the mirror and see just how bad it was. My eyes were swollen past the point of being level with the rest of my face. My lips looked like I just took a shopvac off them. I could post a picture but you may never return to read my blog again haha. I was a state needless to say. I was hoping to spend the day at the gym helping Beth out, making her day as easy as possible and instead I spent a few hours in the hospital waiting to be seen. The nurses and doctors clearly read my intake chart before seeing me, their reaction was..well blunt "MY! You really do have swollen eyes and lips" ...I felt like saying "No b'y, I decided to dip into some halloween makeup and test your medical credentials, nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon in my life".. I realized that may have sounded more harsh, so I just nodded and said I've 'seen' better days". So it's deja vu again with the medications, I hope it works. The weekend is quickly approaching which means more adventures are coming and I want to get out and enjoy them.  Till then, I am only showing my pre-halloween face when absolutely needed.  I'm just so upset that no one knows why my face decided to get out of control. It looks like i have two red patches around my eyes and then one around my mouth, like a clown or a little kid trying on  mommy's makeup haha.

OK! Rant about my face is over! Want to hear something neat? I was walking upstairs today to get something from my room, when I noticed a ladybug on the windowsill. So I paused and took a moment to enjoy her company. Tried my best to capture a photo with my camera, but no such luck..thanks lady bug! It was still a lovely surprise. I hope she brought some luck with her visit.

Speaking of luck....

Stay tunned for my next blog for some very very very exciting news!!! I'll leave you with a hint:
Today I received an email from one of THE must go-to restaurants back home in NL. Everyone talks about this place, all the cool cats eat there, and in my next blog you will find out why the owner emailed me!! (How freaking exciting!?!?!)

Goodnight everyone!

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