Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm juggling the odds of time right now to be able to post this before Thanksgiving is over. The days between my last post and now have been a complete blur to me. Filled with excitement, adventures, more food than I've ever seen in my life, and every other important ingredient required to create incredible memories.

Friday night I went start gazing at Fort Beauséjour with two new friends of mine. They went above and beyond explaining to me the history of this place, and reenacting the stories their tour guide had told them when they toured the place. The air was frigid and the winds howled as we made our way through the small dark tunnels with only a small flashlight to guide us through. Imaginations went wild as we tried to recreate in our minds what it must have been like for the people who stood in the exact same spot we were standing 250 years ago. When my personalized tour came to an end, we set up our blankies and telescope and watched in awe at the beauty above us. The most spectacular moment being the moment I saw a shooting star! 

Saturday started bright and early as Beth, my little nephew and another new friend, Fran headed to Wentworth Ski for their 'Fall Festival of Colours'. After hitting up a few flea markets along the way, we finally arrived at the ski resort where we met up with another familiar face, Karen.

This little man (who just turned 19 months old the day this picture was taken) outdid himself and impressed the socks right clean off us all with how much walking he did and how much he loved every second of it. A true adventurer in every sense. Here are some more pictures from the hike.
The view from the top of the mountain

'Littlest Hobo - carrying Owen's suitcase, while hiking, and trying to txt my bf...only here I'm pretending to make a phone call. Other hikers must have thought I was a lost city girl'

Fall in action

Yesterday Karen, Beth and I adventured to the Bouctouche sand dunes in New Brunswick. What a difference in the weather. Last week we had snow on Thursday, I was bundled up with layers of clothes for Friday's adventures and here on Sunday I rolled up my jeans and walked barefoot in the sand as I splashed my toes in the ocean. That's something to be thankful for! I took my time strolling the beach. Opening my senses to the wonders around me. Soaking up every moment as I gave myself permission to live in the present. It's a destination that will remain close in my heart and hopefully as I gain more driving experience I will be able to return on my own in future. On the way home we stopped into Cold Stone for my first 'ultimate ice-cream experience'. Let me tell you, it was out of this world yummy! 
Here are some pictures from our adventure:
October 9  and it's 25 degrees out and I'm splashing in the ocean. Life is large!

More Fall colours

HELP! hehe

A moment of peace
Beth and I returned to the nest and had Thanksgiving dinner for two. Everything was beyond delicious and prepared perfectly. I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I've been given endless opportunities for self discovery and personal growth. I have been blessed with the most precious family and friends who fill my world with sunshine even on the most darkest of days. My heart drips with the most immense amounts of love for each and every one of them. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. And a very special thank you from the bottom of my heart for popping by my blog for a read :)



  1. Hi Sadie,
    I am Elizabeth's (Tibby's) mom. I am reading your blog. Nice photos!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my beautiful Friend :) Love 'Fall in Action'. Skype again soon xo Love Cole

  3. Tibby's Mom!!! Oh darling how are you? Well this is so exciting to see you here on my blog! I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as you are!
    Love and hugs to you (and Tibby when you talk to her again!)

  4. Cole! Yay, tankou tankou. Skype mega soon! (FBing you now lol)

  5. Such pretty pictures. I enjoy reading all the stuff your writing here, its like our little secret....or mine I guess. I haven't shared it because usually when I do, I ruin it for myself.
    Maybe you could get in touch.
    I'd like to have another thing to be thankful for this year.
    I'll be fine otherwise I'm sure, if that's how it goes.

  6. To Anonymous, I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog. I'm trying to solve the mystery of who you are. I think I know, my mind went to a name instantly when I read the last three lines. Drop me an e-mail We'll see what happens :)

  7. It was such an AWESOME weekend! You neglected to mention all the yardwork we did on Monday...that was fun, wasn't it?? LOL Wonder what we can get into next weekend??? hehehehe