Monday, June 9, 2014

Survey Says.....

I asked and you answered Amherst! Thank you so much for your feedback. 24 of you took the time to answer my survey to help create the first Amherst Art Day. The results are in! Let's take a look!

The group with most replies was ages 7-12 with a total of 12! Way to go amigos! Thanks for all the feedback. Ages 13-17, 3 of you took the time to let me know what you want to create for Art Day. I really appreciate that. This age group really took off during the last few classes. I can't wait to create with you all again! Spread the word to your amigos too. And for all my amigos ages 18+, I heard from 9 of you! Thank you so much. With your feedback and the help of an online survey generator, oh and of course, Shemar, I was able to find out what you want to create for the first Amherst Art Day! Check out my fancy visuals. They took longer than I'd like to admit to create haha.

Let's start with ages 7-12

 Fancy hey? I know. Haha. Ok, so Get Messy With Acrylics won by a landslide. In the comments, "Abstract" won for the 'comments' as well as 'second option'. I will get brain storming on abstract ideas. So I'm thinking why not do things the way we always do! Based off the times you selected Late Morning and Early Afternoon had the most replies of all the options. During my time spent in Amherst, this age group was the most popular, filling up two classes! So I'm going to offer this class twice at the Art Day. Once in late more, the second in early afternoon! Yahoo! To help reunite groups, I'm going to offer the morning class to Monday night amigos, and the afternoon class to the Wednesday night amigos. Don't feel you are limited to this time though, you can attend the opposite if you register in time! Right now, class maximum will be 7. Stay tuned for times, details, and how to register.

Time to talk about my teenage amigos!
I really appreciate that you took the time to fill out the survey to help design the first Art Day with me! This age group really became popular during the last few weeks before I moved. I hope we are able to create together again! Based off your replies there was a tie with three classes. So I'm thinking let's really get our imaginations soaring and a Creative Freestyle class where we combine everything! There is going to be markers, pastels, pencils, paint, pipe cleaners, magazines and more! The creative opportunities are endless and there's an inspirational twist! I'm so excited! Everyone wins this way! Late afternoon and early evening tied so I'm going to go with early afternoon! Right now, class maximum will be 5 (that may change though). Stay tuned for times, details, and how to register.

And last but not least, my "Grown up" Amigos!
Well it's quite clear what's happening here. And I think it's safe to say I got the hint, this class will be an Abstract Acrylic Painting class! Early Afternoon won by a landslide so stay tuned for early evening times, details, and how to register. Right now class maximum will be 5.

I'm looking into buying another table and some chairs to extend class size. Not sure if this will apply to this Art Day, or future days. we'll see.

To make this work as smooth as possible, I am scheduling an hour between classes. I ask that you show up between 10-15 minutes before class. We can spend this time  settling in so we can maximize class time. Each class will be an hour long. That gives me 30 minutes after class to catch up with you all, refuel with snacks/lunch break and set up for the next class. If we can work together Art Day will stay on schedule, and everyone will have a phenomenal creative experience! For anyone joining in for the first time, worry not. I design these classes with every level of experience in mind! So far, I think everyone has enjoyed their time spent creating in the Spidey Cave.

I will be creating events just like the ones you've seen in the past for art classes in the Spidey Cave. These events can be found on my Facebook page right here. Good news is, even if you do not have a Facebook account, this page is set to public so you can still access it. These events will include very important information including:

  • Class description
  • Costs
  • Times
  • Location
  • FAQ's and more

This will be important to read, as there will be a link to confirm you read and accept the guidelines of a successful art class (that's a more fun way to say accepts the terms of agreement.)

As I mentioned in my survey, and as you will find on my website and Facebook page, to register for Art Days, payment must be made in full at time of registration. This is non-refundable due to the special arrangements, transportation, and other costs involved to make these Art Days possible. I appreciate your understanding and respect for this policy. With only two votes for PayPal, registration at this time will be completed via e-transfer. I am currently waiting for the last important confirmation on a date (my work needs to find someone to cover my shift, or I may have to switch to a Sunday). Hang in there amigos, I'll find out A.S.A.P because...YOU are important to me, and I want to give you plenty of notice so you can schedule Art Days into your weekend.

AHH! I am so excited. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me design and create these classes. I had so much fun seeing what you enjoy the most with these classes. Some of the feedback answers made me smile too:

"thank u sadie! :) keep spreading the love! :)"
"you rock"

Someone requested:

please teach an oils class

Ok, so, here's the thing. I've only experimented with oil paints twice. And the experience wasn't the greatest. Kinda like my watercolour experience, though I did a bit better with watercolour, so I may try to explore those more  one day. Maybe. Anyway, due to my inexperience with oils, I am horrible with them. Also, the products I used when I did experiment with oil paint make me a little bit sick and woozy. So, even if I were to go fearlessly into an experimental class with you, I couldn't do it for that alone. Sorry oil curious amigos! (I even turned down free oil paint the other day! Shockin' I know!)

Well that's all for now. Over the next few days I will be confirming the date, times, and what we will be creating! I'm planning for Saturday June 28th, but again, depends on what happens at work. If I cannot get it covered, I will have to move it to Sunday, June 29th. Hopefully Saturday works out!! Expect to see the events posted by the end of the week!! YAHOO!! See you soon Amherst!!

Ps: Special thanks to Shemar for helping with the survey results last night! He's so...helpful! I think it's safe to say he'll be helping me film the ages 13-17 online art class today! His brother, Demetri will probably make an appearance too.