Friday, October 7, 2011

How Sadie Got Her Paint Back

Ok the title of this blog isn't that creative seeing how I used it in my status on my Facebook Page yesterday, but it just works so well, so I'm sticking with it. I guess it also was better suited for last night's blog, however this blog is about how I started painting, not the events leading up to it haha...see the cloud of energy? Oh Linus!! haha

I only started painting in 2004. Previous to that I was more into the fine detail of drawing of still life, exploring the world of raw clay, paper mache, wire art, basically anything and everything that didn't involve a paint brush. I was worried that I wouldn't have the precision with the brush that I had gained with a pencil or charcoal etc. Plus a blank canvas can been far more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper. I swear I don't live my entire life in fear and worry, though it seems like it. maybe I have to admit I am a bit of a worry rat. When I finally gave myself permission to explore this world I had been envying for so long, it was one of the most liberating things I had done for myself. Especially in regards to self expression and being able to self identify myself with a passion so strong.

Well last night I headed down to the Spidey Cave, and set up camp. It took me an hour and 15 minutes just to prepare myself. Between setting up the colours I wanted, picking a canvas, turning the space heaters on so I didn't turn into a Sadie-freezie, trying to find a music play list. All my music is still back in Newfoundland on my dinosaur computer (most people refer to this as a desktop computer with a tower however I feel it belongs in the dinosaur category lol). It's weird being out of your comfort zone and try to recreate it without all the 'necessities' BUT I managed to do it!! The paint started flowing through my finger tips, literally. I finger paint a lot in just about every painting I do. I couldn't stop. I was smiling, singing along to a YouTube playlist I created of Jack Johnson  (oh how I love him!) and just completely in my own little world. So refreshing to be back in that happy place. 3 hours had passed and I still wanted to keep going. I felt so alive! Sadly with a long day ahead of me I had to call it quits and go to bed. Im hoping tomorrow to get back down there.

Today I called Dorthy back. She really is real! haha. Right away she said "I know who this is, Miss Sadie!" and that was that! I feel there will be many cups of teas drank and conservations shared between us. I relayed some information to her that I wanted to share and set a time to meet up again.

Tonight, I'm heading out with some new friends to star gaze (with oodles of blankies to keep us warm and maybe even some hot chocolate). She and her boyfriend know of a great spot where there are no city lights polluting the air so you can see every star, and she has a telescope! So much fun. I'm also skyping a dear friend of mine shortly. Busy busy!

So before I leave you to enjoy this wonderful Friday evening, I want to ask you, what makes you feel alive? Something that when you are involved in it, nothing else exists but pure bliss and a rush of happy feelings? I guess by now you know with me it's painting and connecting with nature (oh and I'm getting into photography which is great too). I'd love to hear what makes your heart soar!


  1. I think you are courageous! To be in a new city and willing to put yourself out there with new friends - you go girl!

  2. Well thank you. It is far more easy to stay at home hidden and whining about how I miss my 'pirate adventures' back home. Opposite Action baby! And it's worth it! I've done and seen so much.