Monday, October 17, 2011

It's All Working Out

I just curled up by the fireplace with my laptop and the rain decided to stop. I'm slightly disappointed. I was looking forward to blogging with a cuppa tea, the warm cozy glow of the fire and the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window. However that does mean I can do laundry and put it out on the line. I see the sun brightly coming through the clouds. Which is perfect timing. Last night, as part of the 'Taste of Home' theme, we went to Beth's mom's for dinner. On the menu was scrunchions n cod fish with all the finixin's, white gravy too! Its a favortie of Beths. In all honesty, even though its a classic back home, I never had it before (weird I know, I swear I'm from Newfoundland!) but sure enough it turns out I like it. Though I did have to go get seconds on the prime rib part of the cooked dinner. That was just divine.

Well my nerves are gone today worried about the upcoming art show. I think I have met my most challenging theme So far in m blogs (for all my new readers, this relates back to my 'Stepping up to the Boogeyman' post. Trusting the process...which really is just a sweet way of saying giving up the need to control haha). My first art show is coming up at The Sprout and I have to trust the process (give up control bahhh!!!).  However, my friend Dominique and I have been talking through e-mail back and forth all morning about the show. She and her friend Lori will also be displaying their work. Dominique and I met in June. Her story begins here with how she arrived in Newfoundland. She first connected with me through a Kijiji Ad I had posted about an art class I was teaching. We connected with our mutual interest in this particular class and agreed to connect when she arrived. Today through email I was telling Dominique how I was feeling stressed and anxious about not being home to be hands on with this show. The what ifs, the if onlys, and so on. And she responded to me with something I just have to share, because the truth rang out so loudly to me I could feel myself being blown back and thinking Wow! You're right!'. I couldn't help but feel proud of us. Her response;
We had envisioned a group show at some coffee place - the universe has made it possible to partner even if you're away. Love it. You and I manifested this..... It's all working out. - Dominique
She couldn't be more true. We had spent an entire day walking from one end of the main downtown area in St. Johns to the other where we could potentially find a coffee shop, gallery, tourist shop that we could display our work for sale. Something we may have never done solo. The commitment we made together made it easier to go out and just finally do it! Dominique was able to attend workshops, and together we supported each other's goal to establish ourselves as artists in St. John's. It was so wonderful to both be at the bottom of this chain and ensure no level of competition or negative hidden agendas were present at all. We truly wanted to see each other thrive in this city as artists, and respected the dream, the passion, the sense of being it brings us to be an artist. You're right Dominique, WE DID IT! Now I just have to trust the process that the people I have asked to help me set up the show will do it the way I would like (not one bit particular for a newbie hey b'y! haha).

I think this will be the biggest theme for this weeks challenge life is throwing at me. On a very personal level I am facing some pretty big giant walls that I have to decide if I am willing to keep standing behind, find a way through, over or around, or put the control of that wall in the hands of someone else. Bottom line is I have to make decisions, BIG MEGA GIANT decisions that requires adult pants and then trust that I may have been able to control the final decision making, but the rest of the process will have lots of elements that I can't control and that it's OK!. (my mind is screaming no it's not right now, but I have to say the opposite to get me will be ok!). \

It's all working out, just at its own pace. I must learn to grow more patience and be ok with that.

So today I decided to dedicate to preparing myself for a week of feeling uncomfortable. I cleaned my room and trying to change a few details to change the energy flow, about to start laundry (so many distractions since I started this blog hours ago..the sun is finally out completely and ready for a line of freshly washed clothes) do some reading and get my things together for meetings tomorrow. Prepare as much as I can for my paintings on this end before mailing out the 'directions' and hoping for the best.

I also feel super tired today....I think I may have to call it an early night just to fully recharge.

Take time to enjoy this fall day everyone!

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