Sunday, October 23, 2011

So. Tired. Need. Sleep.

I am pooped!!!

I'm just settling down at the homestead after a weekend trip to Moncton. Beth participated in the  'Legs for Literacy' marathon in Moncton. She has been training for this half marathon for a long time now ( a full 21.1K and placed 6th in her division with 34 other people!!). How amazing is she?! Owen (her grandson), Kayla (Owen's mom) and I waited at the finish line cheering her on. So proud to see her accomplish this goal.

Well her legs may be sore from running all that ways, but let me tell you, I'm still feeling the pain from last night in my legs. While poking around a mall in Moncton, we strolled into a store where Kayla fell in love with a dress. For fun Beth said she should try it on. It fit her like a glove and she looked simply stunning in it! The next thing I know, Beth has me in the change room putting on a dress and heels that made me feel like Tyra Banks herself haha. Never in my life would you catch me in a dress or heels like this. Well Beth swooped up the clothes and shoes, rang them in and decided Kayla and I needed a night out on the town. How fabulous is she? A quick stop at Shoppers ended up with me getting my makeup done for free for the night (BONUS!) and though the two of us could barely walk (thank goodness I brought my flats with me in my purse) we had  a grand time. Kayla and I finally got to hang out and get to know each other. We danced like no tomorrow and never stopped laughing and smiling the whole time. It was wonderful. My circle of friends grows more :)

Friday night, Beth took me to a show by a local (and brilliant) playwrite, Mark Raddin. Well my god, I never roared so hard at a play, and I've been to my share. It was called Stagette. They sold out their first night and had to book another three shows based on popular demand! Hats off to 'Amherst Comedy Troupe' who can be found on Facebook as a group (not sure how to link them, sorry)

I finally completed my first painting here! Not sure if I have blogged about that yet or not. Picture will follow soon. Sadly the 'crackle paste' medium I used for one particular area did not crackle/dry as I had expected. I guess the Spidey Cave is too damp. So I'm hoping to adjust this and try again if not I have an idea to replace Plan A haha. It felt so liberating.

Tomorrow morning is an early one for Dominique, Lori and my boyfriend Craig will be setting up the art show at 'The Sprout' restaurant back home. Oh how my heart aches that I cann't be there to help, and soak in the experience of my first show ever. Lori (who I haven't met yet) was a darling and wrote to me in e-mail
We will cover you Sadie as best we can and you will be present through your art and spirit. 
What a sweetheart. I hope it goes well. So if you live in Newfoundland and will be in the St. John's area between tomorrow and November 24 I encourage you to pop by 'The Sprout' for a yummy bite to eat and check out the art work. Feel free to buy them too!! hehe.

So this past week I overcame many challenges. I learned how to let go of control when it came to this art show.I overcame my fear of dresses and makeup and once I gave myself permission to wear these items, I was able to be more comfortable (ok minus the shoe part...blisters and bandaids to prove it!! lol) and had a blast with a new friend. (I knew Kayla before tonight but we rarely spoke, or had opportunity to hang out and get to know each other). I can feel myself becoming stronger, I can feel myself growing as a person. And the best part is, another month is almost done. Which hopefully means I'm a month closer to seeing my little family again.

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  1. what an uplifting post! Can't wait to see the painting... And... any excuse to go to the Sprout is a good one ;-) CONGRATULATIONS!