Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween all you boils and ghouls!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of them all. It's the one time of year adults can play dress up and it's 100% socially acceptable. Try playing dress up on any other day of the year and I guarantee you will get some odd looks, trust me I know. I embrace my inner child and wild imagination a little too well haha. In recent posts, I mentioned how I wasn't even going to go out this year for Halloween, which is kind of a mega deal. However remember that since my move I am facing all of my 'walls' or challenges and I am trying my best to successfully overcome them. With so many challenges under my belt, this challenge was an easier one to pass on. Especially once Beth's sister in-law got in on the 'hoopla' action. Before I could 'bat' an eyelash (sad pun I know) Beth was even in on the holiday spirit! Yay! This is the result
(Myself, Beth and Kim)
Typically I spend a month or so (ok sometimes I start thinking the day after Halloween hehe) what I'm going to dress up as. Then I spend even more time making my costume. This year, thanks to Threadbanger I was so impressed with Corinne's costume tutorial that I did my own slightly modified version of La Catrina, Day of the Dead. Here's a close up of my hat
You can't really see it..but that bit of black between the pink flowers is a really neat little bird to make up for the lack of vintage ostrich feathers in this town haha. 

Beth also did some modifications of her own. After an incredible dinner at Karen's house (and getting her to dress up too), Beth decided it was time to go 'Trick or Drinking' hehe. Instead of bringing a pillowcase, or those cute Halloween bags/buckets, we all brought empty wine glasses. Karen was the designated driver. It was just too funny. I almost felt like we were mummer's when we arrived at a friends house and her boyfriend spent 10 minutes trying to figure out who we were. haha.

If you or your kids dressed up for Halloween parties over the weekend, or today, I would LOVE to see/hear what creative ideas you came up. I wonder if we'll see any little trick-or-treaters here tonight....