Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worthy of a Happy Dance

*dances around Spidey Cave*

Ahhh!! Now THAT felt good!!

So I'm down here in the Spidey Cave completely lost in a world of colour and chaos. The creative bug bite me today and it feels so good to be back at the paints again. So I'm taking a break and I sign into my blog to check and see what other blogs I'm following are saying today, and I spied with my little eye that I started blogging a month ago today! I think I sat up a little taller in that moment..that's some serious dedication. I'm terrible for being a firecracker when something starts and then quickly turning into a total flop. That's terrible that I just admitted that to the entire world....however...YAY me! I'm changing this through my blog, and a few other things since moving. Totally deserving of a happy dance don't you think?

And the Exciting Train doesn't stop here folks. All aboard the exciting train! I sold a painting the first day of the art show! Holy crap. I was not in a million years expecting that. I nearly fell through the floor when the moment of 'yes this is really happening' occurred. Mega exciting! (see a theme here hehe). And now I'm down here in the cave painting away  at a new collection I just started. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this collection takes me, it's always an adventure.

Continuing on with awesome news, Beth and I just finished creating a Facebook page for Your Place, the gym she owns and operates. Thank you to all the good sports who let me take their photos while they were working out!! To the ladies in EZ-Step and Pilates with Beth today, I will hopefully have them all edited and at the gym waiting for you to see tomorrow, and over the next few days.

Ok, I saved the best for last. This one is going to knock the socks right clean off ya! Yesterday, though filled with fabulous news, was also a personally challenging day for me. I have been weighing out the pros and cons of a very serious decision for a few weeks now. It sucked. Honestly. No matter which option I went with, I would be loosing something of great importance. I think I made the right one, because it is the hardest, and well...'you know what they say'. So as I sat rocking Owen in the chair by the fireplace (he's sick, and it was a great opportunity to snuggle the little tater tot), Beth and I were talking about the decision I made and ...are you ready for this? She is going home next week for a business trip and she offered to bring one of my cats back if it would help me any. *this is where my heart melted and I had to try to not cry uncontrollably like the crazy cat lady for being so happy..keep it cool* Ok...seriously how incredibly amazing and thoughtful is that?

I have three cats.

So you must be wondering how did I make my decision?

Well, I chose Zephyr. I was talking to Beth and when I started to talk about Zephyr the tears just came a flooding. He has diabetes and we don't know how old he is. I took him into my home in 2009 thanks to the generous help of my friends who donated money to cover the majority of the vet expenses becuase my heart is wayy bigger than my wallet. So the thought of anything happening to him while I'm away and not being there with him just about kills me. I think that's just about the point where she offered to let me have a cat here swear that was not my intention at all. Scouts honour! For those of you who know me any bit at all are probably shocked I never said Demetri without hesitation. He's my baby, he was my first cat, and he's my b'y. I should never pick favorites...but you know...Anderson Cooper had a show about that the other day, that parents actually do pick favorites..or 'tend to lean towards one child more than the other(s)'. and that's all I'm saying about that. haha. And of course I could never pry Shemar from his daddy even if I tried! So Zephyr it is. And I cannot wait to sook the face right clean off that handsome little man.

(left-right) Zephyr, Shemar, Demetri

So yeah..that's what I gotta say today. Hope you all experienced a moment where you felt this kinda happy today,and if it was a mega poopy day then try to create yourself a happy one tomorrow!

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