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The Valentine's Day Survival Guide

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The Valentine's Day Survival Guide

I have had more than my share of solo Valentine's Days. I've also been in relationships where Valentine's Day was somehow forgotten, or experienced the 'Oh $#!% it's Valentine's Day'...boyfriend runs out and returns a few hours later with a plastic bag of random holiday related purchases, pickings from the bottom of the love day inventory. Nothing makes you feel more loved than that! haha. So if you are holding your own this holiday , I have some ideas that might help fill your heart with warm goodness and leave the disappointment on the doorstep!

With no silly date to impress, you can decide if you want to be thrifty this Valentine's or go all out! Prepare your absolute favorite meal at home, or be thrifty and raid your cupboards for existing ingredients you won't have to buy. Recipe Key will help you create a meal based on the food you already have on hand! Better yet, order in! Let some one else do the cooking for you! Just don't forget to add dessert to that order!

While you wait for your food to cook, bake, or arrive, crank up your favorite feel good music playlist and dance! Seriously, like no one is watching. You have no idea how much fun you are missing out on until you hold a hairbrush in one hand and just give 'er! (For some this might be a good time to close the blinds or curtains hehe)

So your food is ready, light some candles and have a romantic dinner with your number 1! (pst...That's YOU in case you were wondering). Not so much a fan of sitting at the table in silence while you eat? Then pop in your favorite comedy movie (unless you're in the mood to watch a tear jerker...or you likes them scary movies! ) and chow down.

With no one else to spend money on, why not buy yourself a little present? Have it wrapped at the store, so after dinner you have a little something to open. Not into spending money on yourself, at all? That's ok, why not check out a local organization you support that is in need of some love. Play cupid and instead of love arrows, send a love donation to them instead. 

Not feeling the being alone on Valentine's Day? That's cool too. Why not ring up your single ladies (or single men) and invite them over for a little singles party? Just make sure your musical selection is filled with upbeat tunes, and no mushy crap! haha. 

Want to go out? Why not warm the hearts of others and volunteer? I'm sure there are a few community organizations that could use your loving! Think retirement homes, hospitals, animal shelters, etc. You could bring board games, bring a tray of snacks, or special treats for our furry or feathered amigos. 

These are just a few ideas I thought of to help you survive Feb. 14. For more great ideas, check out 20 Valentine's Day Ideas for Fabulous Singles

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