Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Oh how I love spring time! I know it's not officially spring for another two weeks, but my word, that sun has some warmth to it. I spent the morning playing with my little tater tot nephew and his new puppy ( a birthday surprise from his G-mama), making bunny cookies, and taking him out for a drive in his Power Wheels Jeep. We had so much fun!
Introducing Polly Jayne!

With the sun shining and the air much warmer than it has been, I packed a snack and headed out to the Bird Sanctuary for an adventure around the pond. It took me nearly twice as long as it usually does with all the ice and obstacles. It definitely was an adventure! The birds were out singing, the squirrels were popping out of trees, and I think I found a deer ;) (look at the photos below). After being a big hermit this winter it sure felt great to get out in nature again.

It's a deer! It's a tree! It's a deer tree!

I hope you all are creating yourself a wonderful weekend and take a moment to enjoy the wonders around you!

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  1. I luv your posts Sadie Jane. Hope all is well...enjoy that little boy, and the puppy! (Kim)