Friday, March 30, 2012

An Unexpected Thursday Afternoon

Yesterday I had a very productive start to my day, and I decided to take time to enjoy the afternoon. I met up with a friend of mine, Jackie, for a lunch date. I love being in that woman's company. She has a very intriguing soul, with stories and a wealth of knowledge that I just soak up every time I see her.  She also just so happens to be my first customer of 2012! Yay!! She purchased 'Optimistic Puppet' a painting I had created for an ongoing art show at Bella's Cafe and Bistro. The timing could not be more perfect for you see, I have a photography course coming up in May, a Christmas present from Beth, and my super awesome camera I purchased years ago has seen far better days and barely turns on anymore. There was a camera on sale that I had done some research on and well...everything falls into place. I knew I would invest the money from my paintings back into art supplies, and though this means my painting is put on hold for a little longer, I can finally get back to my other passion, photography! Oh happy days! During our conversation, we spoke of the four elements and how each plays a role in our lives. Inspired by this, I decided it was time to reconnect with nature.

With my new camera in hand, I headed straight for the bird sanctuary. As I entered the park, I asked the universe to guide me to new experiences. I have explored these trails a handful of times now since moving here, but never really took the time to truly soak up all of my surroundings. With a few hours all to myself, I gave myself permission to just follow my heart and enjoy this leisurely stroll. Well, the universe must have listened, for all of Mother Nature's critters came out to pose for me as I tested out my  camera for the first time, and that was only the beginning. 

Only a few short minutes into my adventure, a little squirrel greeted me on the path. He was the first of many to come. I was so happy. I love those little animals, and I finally had the opportunity to photograph them. I was amazed at how long they stayed  out to keep me company.I think they should rename this place the squirrel sanctuary. During my two and half hour journey, I only came across one bird. I have no idea what he is (picture below) but my goodness he was handsome. As I continued on my way through the woods, a strange curiosity sparked inside me, directing me off the trail a little. As I made my way up a small hill, I noticed what at first looked like a very old book. Upon closer inspection it was a small box. I poked it with a stick and heard the contents inside rattle. My imagination started making up all sorts of stories. I won't lie, I was a little bit scared. I carefully opened the sides of the container (if anyone had of been watching this would have been a very entertaining sight for sure) and using a stick I found I slowly opened the lid, standing back a nice few feet from the mysterious box. What a surprise I had! My inner GPS had discovered a Geocaching  treasure!! I wasn't prepared for this moment at all. With nothing to leave behind, I decided to just sign my name in the log that was provided, and then returned the box as I had found it. I was so excited.

I made my way back to the trail and continued on my adventure. The woods can make some strange noises at times. I watched as a tree rocked back and forth in the wind, creating music as it rubbed against another tree which had fallen. It was like watching nature play it's own fiddle haha. As I made my way to 'Narnia' - my favorite place at the bird sanctuary, I caught the blur of a rather big, greyish white rabbit dart past me. I tried to follow him but he was way too fast for my legs.

I had finally made my way around the pond and back to the entrance. With my camera turned off and my hands burrowed deep into my pockets in hopes to warm them up, I was not prepared for the little creature who was ready and waiting to say goodbye to me. Luckily he was quite the ham and stayed out on his perch for a few pictures before hiding in the leaves again. I am so glad I chose to spend some time out there, and so thankful that I was able to capture so many pictures.

As for this Geocaching, I am hooked! I have already searched for other treasures and i'm hoping to get out the weekend and try it. I know it requires a GPS-enabled device, but I think it will be just as fun trying to stumble across them, like I did with my first one! I'm also loving how things are falling into place for me. I took the advice from my last Thoughtful Tuesday post about the Power of a Made-up Mind , along with some others and really channeled my energy into positive and productive  thoughts, and actions. I guess it's working!

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