Monday, December 31, 2012

I Bid You Adieu 2012.

The last day of 2012 has arrived. I'm not sure if I am happy about this or completely unprepared for the adventures in store with 2013.

I do know though that 2012 brought many changes, opportunities, blessings, and room for growth. Some of these changes were sad, while others were unexpected and warmed my heart. I began this year with so many hopes and dreams. So thankful that my little family and I were reunited and living under one roof again.  Open to all the wonderful things that the following 12 months would bring. Having no idea exactly what the Universe had planned for me.
Some of the highlights of 2012 that come to my mind instantly include:

  • Celebrating one year of business with my FB art page and website. Im still in shock each time I realize that I am living my dream of perusing a career in art. I am now close on celebrating two years of business and I can't believe I have over 600 followers on my FB page! Thank you to each of you who support me.  I am also surprised at how quickly my name has been established within the community and can't help but smile each time someone says "Oh you are Sadie Jane the artist!" Each time I hear that it confirms to me that I am living my dream.
  • Being involved with the 'Evening of Art' fundraiser for a local women's shelter here in town. I was able to share my passion of art to help support a wonderful cause. Looking forward to doing it all again in 2013.
  • The group art show at Bella's Cafe and Bistro where my work was on display at one of the most delicious restaurants in town. 
  • Dancing with Dorthy in the thrift store to Brown Eyed Girl. My kindred spirit, she makes me smile so much. I ran into her at a store over the holidays. Looking forward to seeing her within the next few weeks. 
  • Having my sis Andi come and visit me. That week was amazing. From horse back riding, yard sale hunting, coastal adventures and more. We never stopped having fun. It was her first time out east and we had a time!
  • Photography lessons with Joan Cameron from Focal Point Photography. I finally understand what all the fancy words mean. Thank you Joan! 
  • As of July 5th I began teaching art classes. I am still overwhelmed at the response to these classes. Seats fill so quickly and the art work that is created in the time frame blows my mind. So much talent in this area. I have met so many wonderful souls and feel so incredible helping them liberate their inner artist. 
  • That special magical day at the beach when I felt like I was in a Dawson's Creek episode. Oh I will never forget that day. You can read all about it here 
  • While it was bitter sweet, celebrating one  year of living here in Nova Scotia. I have been very blessed in so many ways since moving here.
  • Meeting some incredible souls by chance and in turn developing the most wonderful relationships. 
  • The most hilarious and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I discovered that breaking bread doesn't mean taking a loaf and snapping it in two pieces. Hahaha. Though that is the new tradition. Surrounded by so many warm kind souls and blessed to be able to share food, a nest, and warmth with them. And sharing some traditional Newfoundland cuisine (pease pudding' ) with them. It was such a grand day. 
  • Being presented with employment opportunities through GBS Communications. I love this job!
  • Having my Pop bring my family together before he left this world and being able to have spent time with him once more. I miss him so much. 
  • To my pirates back on the Rock, I will forever remember how  you made my sad visit to Newfoundland a more joyful one with sing a longs, great cuisine and loving company. They really helped in creating a balance of joy to such a sorrow filled weekend. 
  • My art show opportunity with Art of Eating Deli and Catering. Thank you so much Fran! All the best with your new career adventure! 
  • Thoughtful Tuesdays! I love these blogs. I know Im behind on a few so I will bring a few into the new year for you to read. 
There were many many more wonderful moments but these stand out the most to me. In all areas of my life 2012 has blessed me.  While I will not share the heartache it brought, it did keep me balanced. I'm curious to see where 2013 brings me.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in making 2012 memorable. Wishing you all a safe and wonderful New Years filled with many creative opportunities.

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