Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Cat Came Back

Well, the cat came back. I have three darling whisker faces at home (well four if you include my boyfriend, he has quite the whisker face himself haha) but they are all indoor kitties. So when I found out Jake was an outdoor kitty, I was a bit curious how this would work. Last night as I prepared to settle down for the night and get ready for bed, I went outside with the bag of treats and shook them as I called out to Jake. Nothing. I started shaking the bag a little more vigorously. Nadda. Went to other doors, opened them, shook the bag..still not a thing. My heart started to race. This is not best kind. Finally, just as I gave up and turned to head inside, a hear the most precious little meow. Jake!! You came back! What a sigh of relief. When it came time for bed, I scooped him up, brought him into the bed and hoped for the best. He curled up on my housecoat and purred me to sleep. He was still there when I woke up this morning. Oh I'm in kitty heaven. It's been too long.

On another sigh of relief, I have decided to make no changes to my paintings. I stared for hours at two paintings that had been bothering me the most. Paired together, I truly like them. This could change with the next wave of emotions granted, but for now, I am at peace with my collection once again. So I shall start snapping some pictures and get them posted soon. Unless my mind changes again haha. Oh my.

Well I should get going. I want to get down to the gym again to help Beth paint the offices so she can start renting them out. Oh it's so hard to do anything when you have an awesome cat like Jake around to snuggle all day.

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