Monday, January 30, 2012

All Aboard the 'Good News Train'!

Covered in paint, lost in canvas and the sweet sounding music of a new band I discovered 'The Cook Trio' , at last I was back in the Spidey Cave.  I felt my soul awaken  as my creative block lifted allowing my imaginative energy to freely flow. It was as though I was reborn. And with this, my first few paintings of 2012 have been created! Want to hear more exciting news? I've been invited to participate in an upcoming local art show! At this point in time, I am still awaiting details of the show. I am expecting to hear back this week, so although I finished my first few paintings last week, I have decided to wait until the show is set up before posting the new works on my blog, website and Facebook page. OoOooO the suspense hehe.

The 'Good News Train' doesn't stop there though. I also discovered last night, thanks to Beth, that there is yet another art show coming up that supports a local women's shelter. Well that instantly caught my attention. Of course I want to be involved with such a wonderful cause. I am able to contact one of the organizers tomorrow to find out more information. In the meantime there is nothing holding me back from playing with paints and canvas!

So much mystery! I'm beginning to think this may be a theme for my artistic aspect of life this year. Under any other circumstances, so much unknown would typically influence me to distance myself or become frustrated with the lack of information. I tend to find the need to soak up every tidbit of information and over analyze it before making decisions. 2012 must be a year of change, I have yet to feel any sense of hesitation or worry. Instead I find myself trusting the process and taking leaps of faith. With such incredible opportunities presenting themselves to me I am so glad this new change has been a natural transition and development of personal growth. The challenge is now to find a way to implement and practice this new growth in other areas of my life ;) I think the best way to start is by choosing to use my energy to create instead of worry as I await the details of these shows! I hope you all create yourself a wonderful day filled with happiness and less worry!


  1. What a wonderful idea SJ! Me...I getting things together to start "sprouting" things... (Kim)

  2. Oh I love it! Channeling energy into something both therapeutic and productive! I would love to hear what plans you have for your garden this year. :)