Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesdays : Your Life Is Your Art

It's Tuesday! Which means I'm back for my second 'Thoughtful Tuesday'. I'm really excited about the affirmation and meditation this week. Last week's focus was 'Dream To Be Practical', which coincidently played into the theme of starting a new year with new goals. A wonderful tool to help me focus, I hope you found the same. As always, my brain has been spinning with new ideas, potential creative adventures and a fresh outlook on artistic opportunities. I find it uncanny that this week's affirmation unknowingly plays into that frame of thinking.

Again, the following is an exact excerpt from the book Listening To Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch. I in no way possess any ownership of the following. I am simply sharing the thoughts, expressions and words of an author who has inspired me.

Your Life Is Your Art

A short time ago, a friend handed me the following credo. It read:
This is the artist's dream:
To receive the inspiration to create,
To share that creation with others, 
And to be totally supported in the process.
I asked him to explain further. "It all begins with inspiration," he said, "an inspiration that calls us to create. Once the inspiration is received, then we can bring that vision to the world as a song, painting, book, invention, new business - or any other tangible form.
"After the creation is born, it needs to be shared with others. No one creates in a vacuum. It is only when the vision is successfully communicated to its intended audience that it truly comes alive.
 "Finally, the artist needs to be supported for what he does. If he has made a positive connection with his audience, the support will come - financially and emotionally. And while it may not always be there immediately it will ultimately arrive. This is where the artist needs to trust and be patient."
This dream is not just the artist's dream. It is our dream as well. Through our work or play, job or family, vocation or avocation, you can experience the joy of creating, sharing, and being acknowledged. Experience this creative process and you will never grow old in spirit. Have you ever known an artist or dreamer who "retired"? - page 30

          1.  I am receiving the inspiration to create - and am able to carry it out. 
          2.  I am joyfully sharing my creations with others. 
          3.  I have a dream. 
          4.  I am drawing to myself the people, circumstances, and finances that           will make my dream come true. 
          5. My work is love in action. 
          6. Your own __________________________ 
Now I find myself, despite the long day I had itching to get down into the Spidey Cave and create!  I hope this creates a similar reaction for you.  


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