Monday, February 20, 2012

Evening of Art (and great success!)

These wonderful women made fantastic dates for an Evening of Art, Saturday night. The amount of fun we had supporting the Autumn House is immeasurable! I haven't heard the results of the evening, but I can tell you this much, the incredible outreach of support from the community and surrounding area was something to be admired. 

The entrance was lined with the donated art work that would later be auctioned off. As we strolled to the end of the 'hallway of art', we found tables filled with donations for the silent auction. Making our way into the main room where the live auction would be held, we discovered the yummy treats served by Art of Eating Deli & Catering along with the paintings that would be going as door prizes. So much art to take in! I loved it! The seats filled quickly as we anticipated the start of the live auction. Dean Truman impressed the socks right clean off me when he started the bidding as the auctioneer for the evening. I have no idea how that man talks so fast! My only exposure to live auctions is from the tv show 'Storage Wars' haha, so when Dave started going, I felt slightly overwhelmed. However his ability to engage the audience and the response from the crowd made it so exciting. When it came time for my piece to be auctioned, I felt my stomach drop. I'm not going to lie, I was so scared the audience would not be receptive to it. The bidding began and before I knew it, the winning bid was $200! SOLD! hehe. How neat (and what a MEGA relief! I did a happy dance inside).

I can't express how powerful it felt to see so many people attend the event, the amount of art work that was donated (there was 44 pieces for the live auction, I'm not quite sure how many for the door prizes), the 62 different businesses and individuals who made donations for the silent auction, the volunteers who set aside a few hours all for such a deserving cause! It warms my heart to see so many generous souls. I can't wait for next years auction!

On my Facebook page, Sadie Jane Collection  you can find pictures from the event. I'm pretty sure it's accessible even if you do not have a FB account. (If not let me know in the comments below and I'll post them here) Sadly not all of my pictures turned out too well (again blame my poopy camera, working on upgrades!!) so at this point, I'd like to take a few lines to give credit to all the artists who contributed!

Ian Fancey                         Don Russell                                                         Feron Young
Charlotte Prime                  Ted Evans                                                           Colin McCabe
Meagan Lewis                    Summer Shore Women's Luncheon Group          Bert van Leeuwen
Jill Bentley                          Nicole Allen                                                        Pat Thomas
Mark Boon                        Darlene Strong                                                    Elaine Amyot   
Virginia Chapman               Emily Evans                                                        Stephen Claxton-Oldfield
Wendy Baumann                Barbara Yorston                                                 Judith Arkell
George Griffin                    Derrick Currie                                                     Robert Lyon 
Edna Boon                        Gloria King                                                          Marilyn Cook
Ruth Brown                       Gil Collicott                                                         Laurill Hamilton
Donna Farrell                     Darlene Hotchkis
Deanne Fitzpatrick             Linda J. Purdy

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