Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Evening of Art - sneak peak!

Saturday is quickly approaching and I finally have the finishing touches on the two paintings I have been working on for my donation. I have felt a lot of (self induced) pressure with these two paintings, so to feel as though I have reached a point where I can say "c'est fini!" (my french is limited, I hope that is correct) and walk away from the paintings feels wonderful!

Appropriately timed with Family Violence Prevention Week this event will be showcasing local artwork and serving delicious food from a local deli all while raising money and awareness for the local women's shelter. It will be a very powerful night, one I'm so fortunate enough to attend.

Here is a peak at the two paintings I will be contributing to this cause. The first, 'After the Storm' will be for the auction, and the second, 'Creating Harmony' will be for the draw!

*Note: I took these pictures using my cell phone. In person, the colours are more vibrant, and there are some colours that aren't even picked up from the camera on the phone. Also for some reason, her hair seems is solid black in the original painting*

After the Storm
Acrylic and Structure Gel on Canvas
valued at $250

Creating Harmony
Acrylic and Crackle Paste on Canvas
valued at $60


  1. Your wisdom, your compassion, your passion for creation and artistic talent proves to me that the Creator (if there is a creator) must be the greatest artist of all for having created a world with a soul such as you in it.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for such incredibly kind words. It truly means so much to me.