Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Colourful Valentine

I must admit, I was pretty spoiled yesterday for Valentine's Day! First, Beth took me out to dinner with our little tater tot Valentine. He is just too precious. Three weeks shy of his second birthday, he is one smart cookie. As we sat waiting for our food, he points to a decoration of Cupid holding a heart. "What's that?" he asks. "That's a Valentine" we reply. Well that was his new word for the rest of the day. For such a little man, I was blown away at him saying such a big word! He continued to entertain us singing his ABC's, his 'Elmo and Ernie song' and "C is for Cookie". What a little gem he is!

We return to the homestead with just enough time to make a spot of tea and heat up the cave the little. Last night, for the first time ever I had a very special guest alongside me in the Spidey Cave. She also happened to be the BEST Valentine's date ever!! This young, talented and incredibly sweet artist spent a few hours in the cave with me, exploring the world of acrylics. I had so much fun!! First we explored the tonal scale, and then applied it to a painting of a ball to show shadows and highlights. Then we created our very own colour wheel by mixing our primary colours (that's red, yellow and blue), to create secondary and tertiary colours!  With our new colour wheel handy we explored the idea of complimentary colours and referenced Andy Warhol's famous pop art as examples. For the first time ever, this young artist experienced the wonderful feeling of painting on canvas. She created her very own pop art painting, and the itch to keep going only grew stronger. The old saying is true, 'Time flies by when you're having fun'. Before we knew it it, it was way past her bedtime, and it was a school night! How lucky were we to stay up late on a school night to make art?! Another date has been set, we both are looking forward to it! 

Here's a couple of pictures from last night:

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! 


  1. Hi sadie it's DANA your special valentines date thank you very much for the date see you again on wedneday

    1. Hello my special Valentine! I can't wait to see you Wednesday either! These landscapes are going to be awesome! (We might have to use a BIG canvas)

  2. That sounds good and i did finish the painting with the peace signs at home!!!!! <3 <3