Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing With The Seasons

I think it is happening folks. I think I am finally starting to settle in. Eight months after my big move from one of the most heavenly places on earth (I'm not biased, have you seen the tourism commercials for Newfoundland?), I can feel myself feeling more comfortable and settling in a little. I've been trying really hard to do this for months now. It all began with my first burst of painting, after experiencing a creative block. Then Tuesday, as I sat by the pond enjoying a picnic with the fabulous company of my new friends, I took a moment to appreciate everything that has happened since moving here. All the growth, the challenges, the experiences, and the wonderful group of friends I have found!

I picked up my new amigo Jackie just after 10am. We headed to the grocery market and picked up some fresh fruit, croissants, and some water for our picnic in the woods. When we arrived at the bird sanctuary we met up with another friend of mine, Sarah, and her beautiful daughter. They were feeding the birds. Sarah's daughter led the way, beating the drum that Jackie had given me earlier that morning. As we made our way through the woods we stopped for a picnic in the most ideal picnic spot! The roots of the trees created a natural circle where we spread out a blanket and set up. After a delicious lunch we continued on our way. I pointed out a tree stump which had a perfect circle hollowed out by a bird, or some creature. With a closer look, I found an eagle feather!! How incredible is that?

Our group adventure came to an end as the little tater tot was getting tired and was ready to go home. We parted ways with Sarah, and Jackie and I decided to return to the woods once more. This time, we  ventured off the trail into the unknown! I'm so glad we did! Only moments after changing our path, we found owl feathers!! I'm a mega fan of feathers, and Jackie is a mega fan of  owls, so needless to say we were both thankful for our findings and over the moon excited. With almost 4 hours of exploring under our belt, our feet were begging us to take a break. Jackie had a brilliant idea to pop over to Maltby Stables and see the horses. Brilliant idea if you ask me. We arrived and I felt like a kid in a candy store, I didn't know which horse to visit first! We spotted a foal in the front field and made our way over there. His dad kept us company by the fence while he bonded with his mother. We later learned this magnificent creature was born early that morning. So we met the little one only hours after he came into this world! Now how neat is that?

On my way home, I popped into a thrift store really fast to visit another local friend I had made back in the fall. Perhaps you recall my blog about meeting Dorthy and how she inspired me? You can check it out here. With such a wonderful day created, I knew it would be complete with a visit to see her.  As I walked through the door I saw her immediately. We hugged, found a couch in the store and sat down to catch up. Time was not on our side and soon we had to part ways again. Before I left though, even though there were customers in the back of the store, she paused to crank up the radio. Brown Eyed Girl was on. Right in front of the store we had our own little dance party! Normally I would be too self conscious to enjoy a random outburst of soul dancing. This time though, my guard was down and I was just enjoying the present moment and the wonderful gift of friendship and dancing!

As I sit here blogging about the adventures of Tuesday, I can't help but smile. I have made so many fabulous friends here. I have opened myself to the universe and the opportunities are endless! This, makes my heart sing.

Little Ray of Sunshine leading the way
A picnic in the woods!
Jackie bonds with a horse
Oh I love horses
The love in this picture just fills my heart with joy

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