Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Weekend of Sunshine

It's been a fabulous weekend. I caught up with some great friends of mine who I haven't seen in a bit and enjoyed their company beside a lovely fire. I got my first fix of yard sales for the year helping a friend out with her sale, and found some neat treasures on my way home. Two vintage suitcases, which I have been keeping a look out for. I have some need decor ideas I've been storing for awhile for these. I also made great progress with the garden. Cleared back so much overgrown dead grass, it really opens up the back yard, and now it will be easier to get to the trees to hang bird feeders. Last night I was gazing at the stars last night, it was so clear and while admiring the North Star, I was fortunate enough to see a shooting star! I've seen so many since moving here, and it's amazing! This morning I woke up and had such a peaceful adventure through the bird sanctuary. The breeze was much warmer today so I made a point to be closer to the water for a while and really soak in the soothing sounds of the pond. (No pun intended there haha).
Even though the sun is still shining, all these wonderful events have sparked my creativity, so I am soon changing into my painting clothes, smudging the Cave (it's been awhile and I feel it could help a bit), and getting lost in a whirl of paint and canvas again!
The wonderful yard of treasures
It's important to direct traffic you know.

Stef being adorable

Even cats go to scope out yard sales you know

This tree looks like he needs a hug. I think he resembles a sad Simpson's character.

This little duck caught my eye, he was so far away!

Another neat..mushroom? growing on a tree.

I could have stayed in this spot for awhile

What a handsome little bird, though very hard to get a steady picture of,
must be camera shy.

I recently received an email from someone who reads my blogs saying they enjoy how I put affirmations on the end of my blogs. I normally only do this on Thoughtful Tuesday posts, as they are part of the excerpt from the book I've been sharing with you all. This inspired me though, I use affirmations on a daily basis, so thank you mysterious commenter, I think I will leave an affirmation or two at the end of every blog.

Given the time I've spent in nature recently I will end with these:

My spirit is nourished by spending time in nature
No matter the difficulty  nature always has an inspiring message to transform it

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