Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Taste of Home

I spent the morning wearing my 'grown-up pants' as I efficiently worked through my To-Do list. As I scratched off the last priority item for the day, I realized it was only noon! So I traded in my 'grown-up pants' for my 'pirate pants', and I dropped one of my 'Scallywags' a message saying the 'Ship is setting sail at 1'. Naturally, she was on board. We hit the road, and I am proud to say I drove us to Joggins Fossil Cliffs! My first big driving adventure. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for this time of year, and our window of opportunity to walk the beach while the tide was out was ideal. I threw on my new orange rubber boots (they are awesome!) and off we went! We made a quick stop inside the tourist center. We both gravitated towards the giant box of Treasure Stones where we dived our hands into the pool of smooth stones. After picking out some treasures, we then made our way to the cliffs. The view was simply breathtaking. When my feet touched the rocky beach, I closed my eyes for a brief moment, and felt as though I was back home. It is so neat to walk around on the ocean floor when the tide goes out. Seeing the patterns created in the sand, the treasures that are left behind. Jackie spotted lots of beach glass, beach pottery, and interesting rocks, while I kept finding the most precious tiny sea shells. I could have spent hours there getting lost amongst the waves, the rocks, the beauty of it all, but we had a time limit. I know this spot will definitely be one I frequent though throughout the summer!

Photo credit to Jackie for this picture. Had to show off my new rubber boots! haha.   

And...drum roll please....my pirate treasure of the day: My Treasure Stones in the dreamcatcher basket Jackie made for me the other night.

Until the next advent-arrrr, this is Sadie, signing off! :)

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