Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Well Needed Update.

It's been quite some time since I wrote a true blog. Life has really taken me for a dance I never expected. With so many turns, twists, and sudden stops that barely gave me time to catch my breath before the tempo would pick up again and sweep me across the floor once more.  When 2012 began I had no idea how things would unfold. Never in a million years could I have guessed the events that took place. I have been very blessed by the Universe with all the gifts it has presented me. The opportunities that at one time only existed in dreams have become a reality for me. This isn't an end of the year blog though. This blog is intended to let you in on what's been going on and why I've been MIA in the blog world as well as on my art page over on Facebook.

So the sad news is that there are no art classes for December. However they will resume in January but there will not be as many as there has been the past five months. So the burning question - why am I not going ahead with classes this month? It started last Monday. I was sat on the plane with my pen, paper and calender trying to create a schedule, but my soul wasn't in it. I was exhausted from the weekend, my heart  still too raw from the funeral. I was also trying to fight off the flu, so I put my work aside and decided to meditate for the remainder of the flight. When I arrived to work the following day I discovered my predictable shifts had changed. Normally I work 9-5 which allows me the freedom to teach art classes in the evenings. For the rest of this month my schedule is now the closing shift or an our or two earlier, which means there is truly no time to teach. I didn't want to complain whereas the team has been beyond accommodating with my schedule. Particularly recently as they went above and beyond with time off to be with my family as we made this transition with the loss of my Pop. At first I was crushed to see my schedule was all evenings and nights leaving no time for my art clients. There are great reasons for the changes in my shifts though and I am happy with them all. Sadly it means there is no time at all for teaching art this month, but I have found acceptance and peace with this.

I mentioned that classes will resume in January and that there will be a decrease. There are several reasons for this. The main one being that I have to stop burning the candle at both ends. Teaching art is a passion of mine, however I need to take care of my well being too. Doing both jobs 'flat out' leaves me with zero free time for self nurture, play, or even rest. The past five months have been fabulous and exhausting. My body has worn down a lot and I need to listen to it's needs as well. This past week it has been yelling for my attention to take care of it as I battled the flu. So I need to create a healthier balance in all areas of my life. This means making some sacrifices, and again, I have found acceptance and peace with this. 

I've noticed that the age group 13-17 rarely fills seats so I will be taking that age group out of my monthly classes. If a demand for this age group is found then I will put it back into the schedule again. So if you are in this age group and want to take art classes, or know someone in this age group who would be interested let me know by sending me an email. For now I will focus on the two age groups that fill the most seats, 7-12 and 18+.  As it stands right now Paint Like A Master is the most popular for both age groups so I will keep that class and maybe change it up once in a while with different paintings outside of the Masters. For ages 7-12 I may add a drawing class or mixed media class as well. Which will give a total of 3 art classes per month. The demand for private lessons is increasing greatly so I will spend more energy focusing on these as well. Trying to fit in at least 3 students per month. Which makes 6 classes all together. Previously I was teaching a combination of 14 classes and private lessons and while I loved every moment of it, with another full time job it really took it's toll on me.

With the fresh start of a new year just weeks away I think it's a great time to reflect and learn from the past few months and create a brand new start for a new year. It's been an exciting learning experience for me. I have lots of ideas in mind to help satisfy everyone's itch to create.  I will change up the structure a little bit and will be spending some time this month reevaluating how I manage my time. I have a large amount of emails to sift through and respond so if you haven't heard from me yet expect to over the next few weeks. Hopefully with this new schedule I will have time to blog more about the going-on's in my life, about events I am involved in and things I like to share with you. At first I was so upset to have to take out classes, but now I see the beauty in it. The positive outcomes it has in all areas. It was a difficult decision to make but I am happy about it now.

Those of you who have requested, ordered, or inquired about commission work I will also respond to you in the same manner as I sort through and make my lists. Right now I have a few projects I  need to sort away first. I also am waiting on an order of paints to ensure the highest quality of work for your orders.

While I was at the hospital on Thursday in Outpatients (I wanted to see what was making me so sick so I could get better faster) The woman who registered me said "Oh you're Sadie Jane the artist! I've seen your work at Bella's" and commented on the paintings of the birds I created. My heart was glowing. I never did catch your name my love, but you certainly made me feel better that day! So thank you. And  thank you to each and everyone one of you who have attended classes, purchased paintings, taken in my art work at shows,  and overall supported my career as an artist.I am so grateful for each and every single one of you! One day I will be able to do this full time and I can't wait for that day! Until then, I appreciate your understanding as I balance two jobs, and the beautiful chaos that life brings each and every day.

Now it's time to create a healthy meal plan for the week so I can nourish my body and give it the fuel it needs to survive the holiday season and prepare for the new year!

Create yourself a great day folks!

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