Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesdays : Do It from Love

I used to be very scared of love. I would present myself as someone who greeted it with open arms, but in truth love scared me. Love meant being vulnerable. It meant opening myself to new things, sometimes scary things like rejection. It meant learning more about myself in the process. I kept my walls up high and let me tell you it was a lonely place. Not just in the area of relationships, but in regards to health, spiritual life, passions, and so on. So finally I decided to take these walls down brick by brick. It was hard work. I was exposed to elements I never allowed myself to experience before. In many cases, I had to acknowledge and feel the heartache and pain of love before I could enjoy the purest form of happiness that love brings. I had to take risks and try something new so that when it didn't work out I knew that my heart belonged somewhere else - an opportunity for growth and self exploration. One of my most valued lessons and most challenging, was that of self love.
What a difference in my life now. The abundance of love, and in turn the richer the quality of my life.
So today love and be loved with a sense of curiosity as you discover what love can do for you. Find love in the choice of words you use, in the actions you present to the world. Find love within yourself, for yourself and embrace it with open arms.

The following is an exact excerpt from the book Listening To Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch. I in no way possess any ownership of the following. I am simply sharing the thoughts, expressions and words of an author who has inspired me.

*Feel free to change the word 'God' to fit your belief system. I directly quoted Bloch's work.

Do It from Love

In determining the quality of your life, there is an important question to ask: "How much love do I express?"

How much love do I express in my work? Do I love my work or is my job just a job? Do I enjoy the people I work with?

How much love do I express in my relationships? What level of intimacy do I experience with my significant other, children,friends, and relatives?

How much love do I express in my finances? Am I holding on to money out of fear? Or am I using it to empower and support others, both in my investments and through giving?

How much love do I express in my health? Do I love and nurture my body and supply it with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest?

How much love do I express in my spiritual life? Do I worship a loving God or do I fear a God of wrath and punishment?

By taking inventory of these areas, you will arrive at a simple conclusion - that how good you feel is a function of the amount of love in your life. If you wish to feel better at the deepest level of your being, the solution is clear. Love more. 


1. The primary motivating force in my life is love.
2. Whatever I do, I do from love.
3. Each day, I follow my bliss.
4. I am willing to take the risk of being close.
5. I walk through life with an open heart.
6. Your Own ___________.

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