Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Creative Juices Are Back

After a two week long hiatus, another creative burst came to me last evening. Perfect timing too, the day before was a rough one. I won't point fingers or place blame, but it is truly unfortunate that some people in power came to very big decisions without ever contacting me to clarify the facts. In those actions, they unknowingly undid so much progress and work that I have dedicated myself to since moving here. So to be able to liberate myself from this emotional burden and spend 10 hours just throwing it all on canvas is WONDERFUL! I was so consumed in my acrylics and canvas that soon the pain was lost amongst the colours and brush strokes and the soothing voice of Jack Johnson. 

I stopped for a dinner break. Beth made the most incredible meal. Poached salmon marinated with rosemary and lemon, corn, and herb and butter whipped potatoes. Owen gave his stamp of approval with a big giant "yum!", and he was right. It was simply divine. All the flavors complimented each other so well. After a quick refuel, I headed back to the cave and was lost in time again.

I'm planing to get back down into the cave soon. I hope my little sleeping break didn't interrupt this creative flow. haha.

Hope you all create yourselves a fabulous day!

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