Monday, November 7, 2011

A Story With A Twist

Hello Monday. I can't believe you're here again.

I finally made time to blog. So much to say, and I've never been the best at paraphrasing. haha. Let's see if I can accomplish the art of paraphrasing in this story...

Dinner at Dragon Inn was delicious! After we filled our belly's we all went back to Maddy's where Kim and Stewart taught us how to play Wizard. It's a card game. Now that link will make the rules sound very confusing, but after two or three rounds you catch on  fast. Soon you're developing your own strategies and getting a little too competitive. Remember, it's just a game hehe.

Sunday I went grocery shopping. I think the last time I was that excited to buy kitty litter was when I brought Demetri home for the first time. I took my usual route through Sobey's, and as I left the pet food aisle I made my way to the pharmacy to buy Zephyr's insulin. My body clearly had not adjusted to the time change, so I was just about floored when I discovered the pharmacy was closed. For once in my life I went grocery shopping too early. I was on a time limit though, no diddle daddling. I wanted to be home by 12:00 so I could go to lunch with the gang one last time before Karen left to go home. I decided I would attempt to get the Lantus later on when I was headed to Karen T's for dinner. Well that plan got put on the back burner in a hurry. I turned on the t.v where I had an hour before I had to be at Karen T's. As I flicked through the channels, a show caught my attention about the rapid evolution of dinosaurs. The next thing I knew it was quarter to the hour and I still had only a vague idea on how to get to Karen's. Luckily with the aid of Stewart's map and my foggy memory, I made it there without a hitch.

Karen gave me detailed tour of her house and I was busy with my pen again, taking notes so that when she leaves for her exotic trip to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia I'll be ready to housesit. AND she has an awesome cat! So, you knows I won't be in my glory over there haha. I've mentioned Karen's cooking in the past, but my goodness, she sure knows how to cook! Homemade mac and cheese with a delicious slice of ham and that yummy spinach salad she made the night we went 'Trick or Drinking'. For dessert...homemade apple pie and this wicked good ice cream curled up by the fireplace watching a movie. Now, is that not the most perfect way to end this story?

Oh but there's a twist.

When I arrived home from a cozy visit with Karen, I touched base with Craig and Beth. I then rang the airline she was traveling with to book Zephyr's ticket. They need 12 hours notice at least. Attempt one, I had to call the 1-888 number back again with Beth's confirmation number. Attempt two, they need a credit card to make the payment (because apparently it had to be paid for in that moment, and not at the desk when she checked in the next day). Attempt three...OH! They just happened to notice that she's traveling with an infant, and despite the fact that Beth is bionic woman, this means that she cannot travel with a cat as well. According to this airline, it's one or the other, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Silly airline. And so after a delightful and lighthearted weekend, it came to a very sad end.

I am very thankful for all the gifts the universe has given me since moving here. It has been very generous in helping me adjust to the move and being away from my family. So I am trying my hardest to change my frame of thought about this whole not having Zephyr here and put my creativity to use as I explore another way to help mend what I was hoping Zephyr could fix for me.

I sense another challenge in my future ;) Stay tunned. hehe.

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