Monday, November 14, 2011

Packing My Bags

Wow! Here I am hanging out with Monday morning again. Where does the time go?

Today I will  be packing my bags and moving into Karen's house for the next 4 weeks as she is off exploring the world. I'm looking forward to being on my own for a little a bit. Excited about some plans for a bit of self work before the holidays get here. I must admit it's going to be weird with Beth not around. I almost don't want to pack my bags, but it'll be lovely too. I have  lots of plans to keep me busy.

Before I get ready to settle in though I have a few things to do around the house. I also want to get down to the gym soon and help Beth with some painting. She's going to be renting some office space (hint hint for anyone looking hehe) very soon, so we're getting it all ready. I am also anxious to hear from Craig today. He sent his resume in to the local newspaper, Amherst Daily News and is hoping to contact them today. I never get my hopes up too much when he applies for work in case he doesn't get the job and has to stay in Newfoundland working at his current job. He's putting a lot of positive energy into this one, I can't help but get a little excited.

I have a funny feeling today is going to slip away in a hurry, so I must be off to get some work done. I want to make sure I can post my new collection this week. My inner critic is not impressed with some of my recent paintings. I started off loving the collection and now I am wondering if I should just start over again, or work with what I have. I guess you will just have to wait and find out. ;)

Create yourself a wonderful day and week!!

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