Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebrate With Me!

It's celebration time folks! I've just began a new chapter of my life with my partner. Life has a strange way of changing your plans that you create. None of this was supposed to happen for at least another ten months. At least I didn't think they were supposed to happen. The universe had bigger plans for us though. Now, although unprepared, we are able to start this beautiful journey together. We just moved into our first house this weekend. It's been a blur trying to get everything together and in order. All while helping Beth with her move at the same time and searching for a new job! Yes that's right, the universe has decided to close some doors that needed closing and open so many new wonderful doors of opportunity.

With so many new and exciting things happening I thought I would share the celebrations with you! I started a sale on Friday, 25% off all paintings! That's right. From now until June 15th you can get lost in a world of colour and save money while you're at it.  Normally I put the money that I make from my paintings back into my art supplies, but for this sale it's going towards items we need for our new nest and our trip back to Newfoundland to get the rest of our belongings out from storage.

As always, payment plans are available. So if you or anyone you know needs some colour in their world you now know where to go!

To view my art work you can pop by my Facebook page, or head over to my website. I haven't updated my website recently though, so you will find all my available paintings over on Facebook. You can contact me at to place your order and discuss payment plan options.

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