Monday, May 21, 2012

May 2-4 Adventures

What a fabulous May 2-4 weekend! For those of you don't know, May 2-4 is a long weekend here in Canada to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Victoria day is a public holiday here which is marked on the last Monday before May 25th. It also happens to be the long weekend that kicks off the summer season! I've noticed that it's not so much a big deal here in Nova Scotia as it is back home on the Rock. Not sure what's up with that, but it sure never held me back from creating a good one!

Friday I woke up feeling a little bit crooked. Even the glorious sun couldn't convince me to get out of bed at first. So I threw on a documentary, Munay Ki: Healing the Luminous Body and before I knew it, despite my interest in the film, I was soon back in dreamland. Beth woke me up practically singing about how beautiful it was outside. So I decided it was time for some serious opposite action. Despite my foul mood, I got up did some nesting. Soon Beth returned home with a Big Mac 'Happy Meal' to help cheer me up! How sweet is that? But her generosity didn't end there, she also let me borrow her car so I could escape to Joggins for a few hours of peacefulness. Was it ever. I was able to remain present for the two hours I was there on the beach. Watching the tide go out, hearing the waves crash , feeling the salt air tangle my hair. It was exactly what I needed.

Saturday we hung out around the nest. Beth and I had some 'nail therapy' on the back deck as we soaked up the sunshine. I tell ya, I may know how to handle a paint brush, but when it comes to painting my nails, the final result is not too appealing haha. I fired up the BBQ and we had some burgers for lunch. After a full day in the sun, we headed out to the beach for a birthday party. Our friend Fran was the beautiful birthday girl. It was so lovely to be in her company with a campfire on the beach. And the spread of food she had!!! Delicious! We had everything from mango salad, to chicken kababs, quinoa, thai noodles, quiche, and fiddle heads. Yes I finally tried fiddle heads! I really like them too.

Sunday was 'Family Funday Sunday'! Beth made the best picnic spread I've ever seen! We had three choices of sandwiches, muffins, cheese and crackers, dip and baked pitas, fruit salad, and potato salad! We loaded up the car bright and early and hit the road. Some of you may remember my blog from the fall where Beth had taken me on a scenic drive that reminded me of home. On Sunday, took that same adventure route again. Only we started with Joggins this time, then on to Apple River, Driftwood beach in Advocate, Cape d'Or, and finished at Five Islands. In Cape d'Or we stopped and had a super awesome picnic that Beth had made for us! It was so tasty!

With all that adventuring I was pretty tired today. Owen slept over last night so this morning we got up and had a yummy breakfast and then headed out to the bird sanctuary for a little adventure. When we got home I did some nesting and then when he went for his nap, I joined too! haha. Naps are the end of me! I slept for the three hours he slept, and I am still trying to wake up from it. So now I am making a stir fry for dinner and hope that will give me enough energy to finish up some laundry before I make an early visit to dreamland tonight.

Hope you all had a safe and mega fun May 2-4!

Joggins on Friday during my peaceful escape

Found this washed up on the beach. No idea what it's from, ohh the mystery!

Family Funday Sunday kicks off at Joggins where my little nephew dips his toes in the water

Making a wish at Apple River

Soaking up nature at Driftwood beach in my Project brEAThe shirt.

It's not every day you see a Dragon at Cape d'Or! We were excited.

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