Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Year In Review

A year ago today I packed up my suitcase, said goodbye to my precious little boys and boarded a plane for Nova Scotia. As heartbreaking as it was I knew I was leaving my furbabies in really good hands which put my heart at ease a little.

The first week was a brilliant distraction. We spent it with Craig's Dad and Stepmom doing tourist-type things around Halifax. I am so thankful for all they did. Not only did we manage to get a lot of great adventures in, but I was also able to distract from the reality of the significant changes occurring in my world.

Before we knew it we were headed to Amherst where the reality of the situation really sunk in. Each day my heart seemed to break a little more as I new my time with the love of my life was coming to an end and he would be returning to Newfoundland with our three boys. I'm horrible with goodbyes. The day he packed up the car and began his drive back to the Rock, his mom, Beth packed up her car and drove me to the cabin. It is one of the most peaceful places I have been since moving here. We spent the long weekend there surrounded by inspiring women who over the next twelve months would all impact my life in significant ways.

The first few weeks were challenging as I learned to adapt to my new surroundings, sat behind the drivers seat again for the first time in seven years, and began this new life here. I met some incredible friends. Before Craig left he had introduced me to two of his friends, who have become two of my closest amigos since living here. Sean and Sarah have gone above and beyond for me. From games night to surprise road trips and everything in between. I then met Jeannine through the gym. What a burst of sunshine she is! Jeannine is like a personal cheerleader, you can't help but feel motivated by her. - she is truly an incredible inspiration. Through Jeannine I was able to meet Stefanie. Stef is one of those people who when you meet, the universe shakes haha. I'm sure I must have known her in a previous life. We had this instant connection that couldn't be ignored and have since become really close friends. As I explored my creative opportunities here through various art shows I met Lisa from L.A. Crafts  and Jackie from Surprise!! Baskets & Gifts .

A part of me longed be back home with the familiar faces I had been missing, living in the nest Craig and I had only moved into months before in such a grand location. I missed the salt air tangling my hair, and the crashing waves washing over my soul. I had made a commitment though, and returning home was not an option. So Craig continued to search for work here, and I continued to practice an open mind to my new surroundings and focused on the opportunity for self growth and exploration. Before I knew it it was Christmas and my family was moving here to join me. There are no words to describe how incredibly wonderful that felt.

As the epic adventures faded with the autumn leaves winter quickly brought me into this state of social hibernation. I put more energy into my paintings and into my personal life as I enjoyed the warmth of the nest while the winter winds blew outside. Thankfully Spring soon arrived and we welcomed it with open arms. This new season brought many new and unexpected twists and turns in my path called 'Life'. Some were fabulous turns, and some were very challenging twists. Together as a team me and Craig stood strong together and adjusted our sails. I spent many hours at the Bird Sanctuary connecting with nature as I tried to reconnect with nature and find balance. As I began to make the transition from hibernation into Spring, my soul sister Andi flew down for a week. It was her first time out east and we soaked it all up with breathtaking adventures.I am truly grateful for her time spent here.

Spring quickly blossomed into Summer and I emerged from my cocoon. I had an opportunity to pursue one of my dreams and after some hesitation, I jumped in with both feet. I began advertising art classes again. I was - and still am- amazed at how quickly the amount of interest in these classes grew from the community and surrounding areas given the limited marketing resources I have been using. It feels incredible to share my passion of art with others again in a hands on way. Through this new avenue I've meet some incredible people. Most recently being Rozlind and Amy. I had met Rozlind online through a Facebook page that is similar to the concept of 'Freecycle'. She was organizing her art supplies and had some things she was no longer using. I dropped by to pick up the items so I could share them with the students in my 'Intuitive Expressions' class. Before I knew it three hours had passed and we still hadn't ran out of things to talk about. Another instant connection was made.

There has been many incredibly wonderful opportunities for me since moving here, balanced with some pretty challenging struggles that have helped me grow. I've developed some amazing friendships here and created many wonderful memories. Though my heart will always be back in Newfoundland I will forever be thankful for the all the new people who have come into my life.
I wonder what the next twelve months has in store for me.


  1. You will create the next 12 months and I am sure they will be amazing just like you!

    1. That is so kind. Thank you so much. :)

  2. I am SO proud of all that you have accomplished, and even more proud to call you a friend Miss Sadie! I've loved your artwork from day one, and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in your art classes! I very much recommend taking a class or few with this awesome artist, teacher, and lovely lady - your inner artist will hug you for it.
    ~Lisa Adshade
    惄 ❤

    1. Lisa! You make my heart sing. I am so fortunate to have a friend like you as well. I love being able to share my passions with you and watch you create such beautiful work! Thank you so much for your lovely comment.