Sunday, August 5, 2012

Always Bring Your Camera

I take my camera everywhere with me because I have learned from experience that the moment I leave it behind, it when everything awesome happens and I miss the opportunity to capture it. Well of course, yesterday we spontaneously decided to go to the cabin for a swim at the beach.  I did bring my camera, but when we decided to go for a swim after much debate, I was convinced to leave it behind. No sense bringing the camera for a swim in the ocean.....

When we had arrived at the cabin, we had met up with Craig's aunt and uncle. We all walked down to the beach and as we splashed in the water, we realized the driver of the boat approaching us was Craig's cousin! Well next thing you knew, I was smack dab in the middle of  'Dawson's Creek' episode haha. We hopped on the boat and went for a ride. Craig had a blast in the tube tied on to the back of the boat. Just before the adventure ended, we spotted a group of seals bathing themselves in the hot summer sun. We headed in their direction and watched them as they swam around us. Their adorable faces curiously checking us out. It was pretty neat. We headed back to land and spent the rest of the evening enjoying a few games of washer toss, and sitting around the campfire where I caught sight of a shooting star.

I guess I'll have to either buy a waterproof camera  or just learn to enjoy the impromptu moments with my memory. Regardless it was truly a magical day and one I won't be forgetting for a long time.

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