Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pillagin' Pirates

Blisterin' Barnacles! The pirates anchored down their boats (or car) Thursday evening and the weekend has been nothing less than a jolly good time since.

When I lived in Newfoundland my friend Kim and I called ourselves pirates as we embarked on pirate adventures and explored our backyard. It has been months since I last saw Kim and enjoyed a good adventure together, so I was completely thrilled to find out she would be staying for a night. The news was even better when I found out her partner, Daryl, would be joining too! Thanks to my dear friend Sarah here, we even managed to get a bed for them to sleep in only minutes after they arrived. Everything worked out splendid. Daryl cooked us a delicious meal after a super thrifty shopping trip to Woody's ( a locally owned store that has fabulous prices on their fresh produce and meats). The evening quickly transformed into the wee hours of the morning as Daryl rocked out some great tunes on the guitar as we all sang along.

Friday morning came too soon and we were saying our goodbyes. It truly was incredible to see my amigos from home again. I had no time to be sad about their departure, as soon as they left I turned around and began setting up for that afternoon's art class. After exploring the world of cubism, I decided to just relax for the rest of the evening.

We eased into Saturday morning and started to get ready for the 4th Annual John Nuttall Memorial Golf Tournament (Craig's late step father). Without my regular 50/50 partner I recruited someone new and had one of the older men who worked at the club give me a crash course on how to drive the golf cart. I was so nervous, but Cindy and I did it! We had a blast too, selling tickets, cruising around the course with our new wheels haha. It was wonderful to see so many of John's friends and family come out for a day of fun in his memory. A handful of us ended up at Beth's where the celebrating continued into the night. Jake and Josh, Craig's cousins, and Bizmark (the handsome Saint Bernard) came back to the nest. After a mad feed of Bambino's pizza and lots of laughter we all decided it was time to crash for the night.

We woke up this morning to just the six of us -myself, Craig, the three cats, and Noel our dog. The boys had left earlier in the morning to get some time in at the cabin before they returned home.

Now it's back to the regular routine again...well after a few more hours of lazy afternoon documentaries and couch flaking haha. 

Hope you all created yourself a great weekend!

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