Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesdays: Turning It Over

Personally I found I had to sift a lot through this excerpt to listen to the message given. I think I found it though. I struggle with 'handing things over' to anyone. In doing so I feel as though I have given up. However, I realize  the root of this post means does not reflect defeat at all. With some slight modifications to the vocabulary and examples I think I found something that will work for me. Years ago someone brought it to my attention that I worry to much, about everything, anything, and nothing. Similar to the example given in this post, she had suggested I close my eyes and imagine myself  placing my worries/problems in bubbles. I could place them all in one bubble, or individually place them. Regardless, they were leaving my mind and moving into those bubbles. I then pictured them floating away. I first I thought I was just as well off doing the Hokey-Pokey, but the more I invested in the bubbles and opened my mind to them, the more I realize there is some truth in this. So whether you turn 'it' over to a bubble, an altar, an angel, or a magical unicorn (haha) I hope you find this to be another helpful tool to add to your toolbox of life skills.

The following is an exact excerpt from the book Listening To Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch. I in no way possess any ownership of the following. I am simply sharing the thoughts, expressions and words of an author who has inspired me.

*Feel free to change the word 'God' to fit your belief system. I directly quoted Bloch's work.

Turning It Over 

There comes a time in facing a challenge when we have done all that we can, and still the situation remains unresolved. This is the time to turn the problem over and release our cares into the hands of spirit. When we let the Universe take charge, anything becomes possible. God can do for  us what we could not do for ourselves. 

If you find that you have reached such an impasse, try the following: in your mind's eye place the problem upon an imaginary altar. Then say, "I turn this over to you, spirit. From now on, you are in charge." As you walk away from the altar, feel the inner peace which comes from knowing that all is in the Divine hands. 

Despairing of ever getting published, a young writer used this approach. He placed his manuscript on his inner alter and moved on to another project. Two weeks later, the book was accepted by a major publisher for a substantial advance. Turning to his agent he said, "I want to thank whoever is responsible, because it clearly wasn't me."

It's goof to realize that we do not have to do everything alone. Help is available. Invisible hands come to support us at the right time. As the psalmist assures us, "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and HE shall sustain thee."


1. When I have done all I can, I turn over the outcome to God.
2. I release my attachment to the results.
3. I step out of the way and let spirit do its work.
4. Spirit is doing for me what I cannot do for myself.
5. I attract perfect support when I need it.
6. Your Own _______________.

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