Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesdays : The Readiness Is All

Have I told you I'm impatient yet? That I like instant results? I may have mentioned it in passing before. Haha. I may have also mentioned that since 2008 I have been practicing mindfulness. Now granted I am no zen master, but the work I have invested so far has proven that I must be on the right track.

When I first began teaching art classes I had expectations. I put my heart and soul into my lesson planning. This was my opportunity to pursue my dreams. Correction, this was my first opportunity to pursue my dreams. I thought I was ready. No one signed up. My heart broke. I didn't give up though. My second opportunity arose when I found success at Clay Cafe Avalon through art camps. My name was not established yet in the arts community, Clay Cafe however was well established and incredibly popular. Thanks to Jamie who believed in me, I was able to design and instruct the art camps offered at her business. The feedback was incredible. The experience unforgettable. I got my feet wet and I loved it. I drew to myself the experience I needed to help manifest my dreams of teaching art. I was ready to keep this going. The world however wasn't ready for me. So despite my hard headed personality (blame it on being Aries), I decided to put the classes on the back burner for a bit. I invested my energy into other areas of my life. I didn't let the light of my dream burn out though. As I worked on other projects I grew as a person. I learned, I explored, I watched, I listened. Finally I spoke. First it was a tiny voice. Without giving my all, I did some research on venues where I could teach, I poked here and there for an interest in art classes within the community. I wasn't ready to teach at this point but I wanted to nurture that tiny flame. Months passed by and nothing became of it. Shortly after being handed the keys to our first house it became evident that the Universe was ready for me to start investing in my dream again. I  had many delays along the way, but they were worth it. The timing was finally right and everything aligned for me to pursue my dreams again. Though it wasn't on my schedule, my readiness and the readiness of the Universe finally found a way to work in unison. That's all that matters.

And that folks, is my long winded introduction to today's Thoughtful Tuesday's post. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it creates an opportunity to reflect on your experiences that are similar and inspire you to hang in there a little longer ;)

The following is an exact excerpt from the book Listening To Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch. I in no way possess any ownership of the following. I am simply sharing the thoughts, expressions and words of an author who has inspired me.

*Feel free to change the word 'God' to fit your belief system. I directly quoted Bloch's work.

The Readiness Is All

As we follow the path of our inner voice, timing plays a critical role. We draw to ourselves the experiences we need, when we need them. As each phase is mastered, the next appears. 

It is when we try to force or rush things that trouble arises. Children who are pushed to achieve too early in life burn out at a young age. Receiving something before you are ready for it can be worse than not getting it at all. This is why a wise person once said, "I pray not for enlightenment, but simply to be ready when it comes."

Sometimes we think that we are ready for some good when in fact we are not. The delay we suffer often indicate that more time and preparation are needed. Several years ago, a friend wrote a screenplay that she was sure was ready to be made into a movie. At the time, no one was interested. Five years later, she became inspired to rewrite the script and alter the plot. A studio immediately made an offer. 

If you are facing delays in your plans, remember the saying, "with every delay, there's a blessing on it's way." Be patient and do what is required. When the time is right, the result you are seeking will manifest itself with ease. And because you are ready for it, it will be ready for you. 


1. My life unfolds in perfect Divine order.
2. As I open myself to success, success opens to me.
3. Whatever I am ready for is ready for me.
4. I am ready for the prosperity and abundance to flow into my life.
5. I live according to the Universe's time schedule.
6. Your Own ______________.

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