Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesdays: If God Seems Far Away, Who Moved?

At first the title of this excerpt made me a little uneasy. In fact when I opened the book and read the name, I put the book down and starting sorting through my pictures from Thanksgiving.  I knew I  still had to post for Thoughtful Tuesdays, so I returned to the book and continued to read past the heading. I actually enjoyed the post and found it reflected the things I have been practicing in my daily life in regards to meditation, trusting my intuition, and so on. With that said, I think I will have to create my own affirmations to help me implement this concept into my life more. All the same it was a better post that I first thought. Guess that makes the old saying true ' Don't judge a book by it's cover", or in this case an excerpt by it's title.

The following is an exact excerpt from the book Listening To Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch. I in no way possess any ownership of the following. I am simply sharing the thoughts, expressions and words of an author who has inspired me.

*Feel free to change the word 'God' to fit your belief system. I directly quoted Bloch's work.

 If God Seems Far Away, Who Moved?

At the center of our being a fullness of life exists that wants to flow through us as vitality, love, harmony, happiness, and success. Why, then, are we not more in touch with it?

Consider the following image. You are standing outside on a bright, cloudless day complaining that you cannot see the sun, when you notice that you have been standing under an umbrella. If as little a thing as an umbrella can block out the magnificence of the sun, how easy it is for our fears, doubts, and feelings of unworthiness to block the connection to our source. But just as the sun continues to shine even behind the appearance of clouds, our inner knowing is ready to communicate with  us in the midst of our despair. 

How do we reopen the channels and allow the flow to reenter our lives? First, we must truly desire to communicate with out center and set aside a time each day to do so. Then, get quiet and begin to listen.  Soon you will hear that still small voice within.

Your divine self is patiently waiting for you to acknowledge it. It is quietly but persistently knocks on the door of your consciousness. Open that door and a presence of love and joy will fill your being. 


1. I hear the knock of truth upon the door of my consciousness, and I rush to respond.
2. God's presence enters to fill my soul, and I experience a deep and joyous peace.
3. From a place deep within me, I feel content.
4. Each day, I am more in touch with my intuition.
5. I am continually nourished by a fountain of love that springs from my center.
6. Your Own ____________________.

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